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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Give June Some Lovin'

I know this is slightly overdue, but I decided to make a June Lovin' post. So I'll be showing off my favorite products from June. =]

My Nintendo 3DS - I just received this as my graduation gift from my parents and I am absolutely in love with it. I love the color my parents chose, the torquiosey blue! I love that I can play even though my depth perception is completely bonkers. I even convinced my friend to get one so we can play together. This definitely will make traveling in the car with my parents a lot easier. 

Moi Minerals Onya - I love orange eyeshadows, hands down. But this one I must have used at least 15 times because of the pink in it. For some reason, I've been adoring orange/pink shadows. And you can see the pink in some of the pictures.  

Moi Minerals Cactus - was my go-to neutral for June. It is a really light yellow/white color that has a little green in certain lights. This was always a great shadow to wear when I was lazy. 

Moi Mineral Limelight - is an amazing light lime green. This shadow would make my eyes pop. This shadow seems so fragile on which is why I love it. I wore this so many times in June. It is very jumpy and fun but very soft at the same time. 

Shiro Cosmetics Wheeeeeee! - This shadow is amazing. It is a pink with some orange undertones. I usually am not a fan of straight pinks but since this has the orange undertones, I love it. It looks amazing on and isn't extremely powerful. I wore this shade for my Graduation look. 

Ecotools Lip Conditioner - this has been my chap stick for the last 2 months or so. It is a big chap stick. I really like the minty smell of the chap stick but it doesn't leave my lips dry at all. It leaves them really smooth and moist all the time. The "Nonstop Moisture" guarantee is real let me tell you!

NYC Extreme Lip Glider Lip Gloss in Chelsea Rose - is a dark pink/mauveish gloss with lots of sparkles. I used this a lot because there wasn't a ton of color payoff with the gloss but it gave my lips a nice shine and sparkle. This gloss smells like a watermelon lollipop which is pretty nice. I liked applying this for when I was going on dates with the boyfriend because he doesn't mind a little lipgloss

Here is the lipgloss with a little application.

Here it is with about triple the amount as before.

Essence Lash Mania - has been my go-to mascara all month long. This mascara makes my lashes thicker and longer. Also, this mascara keeps them curled all day long =]. Now my only problem with this mascara is it does sometimes flake a little and it isn't waterproof. But I do love it to death. 



Essence Brow Designer in Light - I've used this product for about 4-5 months now. I love it. This is exactly my brow color, it doesn't budge and it doesn't wear off at all. It also fills in my brow and has a wax built in so it sculpts at the same time. I love this product. I bought like 3 more. =]

Evil Shades Matte Silk - Awhile ago I was asked to test Evil Shades Matte Silk because my skin is oddly oily all the time. And I've never really used anything like this before so I was very excited and boy did I fall in love. I kept me nice and shiny free for hours even after I went to the gym and sweated. I am almost out of it now. I'll have to buy some more!

Essie Absolutely Shore - I am totally in love with this polish. It is a dusty pastel green that looks pastel blue sometimes. It its wonderful. Best color I've ever owned. I'm almost afraid I'll use it all up...but I think I'll be okay =].

Pure Ice Lightning Strikes - this is a silver crackle. I adore this crackle so much! I have 2 other brands of crackle polish and Pure Ice is just as good as the China Glaze ones. I love how this looks with Essie Absolutely Shore. I haven't tried it with any other colors but I'm sure it'll look good with them too. 

So here are my June favorites. Next up will be July! lol =]
Now I wanna go make some lunch and get the mail.



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  1. Onya and Wheeeeeee! are really pretty! I've been meaning to order from shadows from Shiro's new collection but I kept ordering from everyone else! Loved this post!