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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ulta Haul!!!

Woohoo my first haul post! So, I went to Ulta with the hopes of just buying some stuff. Mostly just some necessities to save them for college just in case there wasn't an Essence section in Ulta in Pittsburgh. Essence is my absolute favorite non-indie line of makeup. Their stuff is inexpensive and pretty good quality. I love their mascaras and their nail polishes. I own every single mascara they've made in the last 2 years. I also love their lip glosses now too.
So, at Ulta they had some of the old Essence stuff on clearance so I jumped over and bought those instantly. I also got a really pretty Ulta nail polish on clearance. So here are the pictures!!

Here is the lipstick Creamy Nude with I like cotton candy over it. All of them are in natural light.

The Ulta polish has no name. So I call it Ulta Forest Green. 

This polish is awesome!!! Its a black polish with lots of tiny rainbow glitter in it. its soooo awesome!

This polish is a dark forest green color with green sparklies in it! love love love love!

I am a total sucker for light blue polish. I have 3 different ones. This one has a pearl like feature that shines kinda purpley like. 

The World's Coolest is a nice pigmented light blue liquid liner. Its very pretty.
Hang Loose is a somewhat sheer violet liner. Its got some pretty sparklies in it too!

Welcome to Wonderland is a sheer base glitter liner with silver glitter. Its not too over powering though like some glitter liners. 

This gloss looks really red in the bottle but came out alot pinker in the swatch. I like it tho. 

This gloss is a nice muted pink color. I love it. 

Creamy Nude is a really nice soft lipstick. Its a little darker then I thought it was going to be but I love it. 

So I hope you enjoyed my first ever haul! =]





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