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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grandparents New Kittens!

My grandparents who live rather close to me just adopted two newborn kittens into their home after their old cat died of cancer. So I went to go meet the new 4 week old kittens and their names are Sunny and Misty. They are brother and sister. 

This is Sunny. He is a wheat colored kitty who blends into the floor too easily. Sunny is the scardey cat but after awhile he is very playful

This is Misty. She is gray wit some little wheat colored streaks. She also has a wheat colored front paw. Misty is really playful and loves to sleep on people's shoulders. She is sitting on my brothers lap. 

Look how small they are!! They are a little bigger than the size of my hand.

Here is both of them together. 
 Here is my brother and my mom trying to get Sunny to be less afraid of us. After doing this for about ten minutes. Sunny just fell asleep. 

 Look over there! My brother was rustling with a paper bag that got the cats attention. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at the new kittens. I think they are adorable. Unfortunately Misty has a cold so she kept sneezing. But they are both very fluffy kittens. 



  1. so sweet! i love that your grandparents adopted a bro & sis!

  2. AWwwwwwwwwwww!!!! So cute! I love them!

  3. @hopestudios Yea my Grandma made sure it was a brother and sister. So they share a special bond and dont fight.

    @Vulcan_Butterfly they are adorable arent they! i cant wait to see how big they get in the next month. I'll try to keep a document of their growth!