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Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines Day LOTD and my horrible lips!

Sorry about the lack of posting. Alot has been going on in my world! First off, i had a bacterial infection in my lip, second i had lots of projects and third i had valentines day wit my bf! Hes amazing. so so amazing. So i decided to put the look up i used for Valentines Day!

I used 
DHD Beautiful Nightmare and Wine Red
MUFE Eyeliner in 11L
Essence Crystal Eyeliner

I wanted a rather subtle look for that day. 

Now here are my lips. I know the picture kinda sucks but my lips are all red and splotchy and they were swollen. U can see the swelling better in the picture above. My lips look better now...but they still have red spots. How did this happen? well, a bought a Bath and Body Works Lemon Lip balm for winter. When i opened it, it smelled kinda off so i did some research and found out that they usually smelled kinda weird so i didnt think anything of it. So after that i used it all the time. Soon my lips started getting itchy and really hot. Then they got pimple like sores and got itchier. Finally the sores swelled up and this is what it looked like. 

They look better now. But they are still a lil red.

Still alot of posts to do this weekend! 

T =]


  1. Sounds like an allergic reaction. You poor thing!

  2. eh its all good now. started using an exfoliante on my lips every morning and that took all the icky right out =]