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Saturday, February 5, 2011

WnW Experiment Week 3

So its been about 3 weeks in and omg! I have been using the WnW Lash Serum.  My bottom lashes have grown a huge amount and look really nice and full. Also, my top lashes have gotten really long and have basically stopped falling out entirely. I had girls even ask me what i did to make my eyes look huge and my lashes look amazing! When i look up my top lashes almost reach the arch in my brow thats how long they've gotten!!!


Week 1
 Week 2
Week 3 

Week 3

See look they almost reach!!!!

Now i reallly reallllly suggest you try this. Its really working for me!!!


P.S. another part of my color collection and some High Voltage Swatches comin soon too!


  1. What have you been using? You don't actually mention it in the post anywhere lol

  2. sorry i forgot to put it up! thanks for reminding me!!! I have been using the WnW Lash Serum