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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Posting and such

Ugh! i know i havent been posting as much as I used to. that cuz im working hard in skool cuz these grades are the ones that go to colleges =]. If you don't know already, I got into one of my top choice colleges so I'm also battling my parents so they let me go there. So that has actually taken up alot more time then i thought it would. Also, I have been in play practice for the last few days. Its getting intense. And finally, i feel like im running out of things to review at my house. I havent ordered anything in awhile and when i finish my color collections, my lack of money will be the death of me. BUT i have High Voltage swatches coming up, some more color collections and my bf (<3<3<3) ordered me a Aromaleigh grab bag for valentines day, and and i have some surprises coming soon for DHD =]=]. Also, Ive been trying to figure out whatever happened to my Hi Fi order i placed in the beginning of January. and also i won a giveaway at Makeup on the Cheap. so i cant wait for that =] i hope package monday is awesome next monday. FINALLY i wanna hit 40ish followers so i can host my first giveaway! i have some stuff already here for a first and second prize. (if any companies want to be featured in my giveaway just send over an email at tarynew@msn.com or if anyone wants to send me an email about anything is fine)


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