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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Shadow Collection Part 3!

So as i promised i would do another part of my shadow collection and todaiis collection is all my green shadows!!! I realized that I had so much so i did the collection in 3 parts: dark green, green, and light green.
Here are the dark green ones
1. High Voltage #1 Crush
2. High Voltage Dark Romance
3. Fyrinnae The Randy Ferret
4. Face Candy Couture Chill
5. Fyrinnae Dokkalfar
6. Fyrinnae Dragon Magic (Arcane Magic)
7. BFTE Bing

Now for greens
8. Evil Shades Sinister
9. BFTE Green Apple
10. Aromaleigh Event Horizon (astronomical collection)
11. Dark Heart Designs Come Undone (presently unreleased)
12. Moonrise Studios Oxalis
13.Geek Chic Chosen One
14. Shiro Link
15. Sarah's Natural Envy (eyel liner mineral)
16. Venomous Mermaid (pressed shadow)

Now for my light greens
17. Fyrinnae Electric Stardust (Arcane Magic)
18. Aromaleigh We're All Mad Here (wonderstruck collection)
19. Vicious Scuba
20. Shiro Banzai (kawaii shadow collection)
21. DHD Halestorm
22. Aromaleigh Binary (astronomical collection)
23. Venomous Boomslang
24. Shrio Rupee

25. Venomous Alien
26. Candy Sweet Treats Zombie Blood (neon green glitter)
27. Moonrise Studio Tart
28. DHD Nymph
29. DHD Limelight
30. DHD Absinthe
31. Hich Voltage New Skool (inked collection)
32. High Voltage Wild Child

Favorite Dark Green: BFTE Bing

Favorite Green: Geek Chic Chosen One

Favorite Light Green: High Voltage New Skool

OVERALL favorite: High Voltage New Skool

Easiest to apply: DHD, High Voltage

Hardest to apply: Venomous 

I dont have a least favorite in this set =] 

I hope you enjoyed this part of my shadow collection!!! There is plenty more to come! 


P.S. still need some more followers so i can host my first giveaway!!! 

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