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Monday, February 21, 2011

HiFi Review!

So in the beginning of January I ordered a blogger review set from HiFi Cosmetics. Little to my knowledge that the company was in the process of moving that I would not receive my samples until over a month later. I received 5 samples of my choice but the amount of product that was in the bags differed pretty greatly. I ordered Headbanger, Acceptance Speech, Love All the Poison, Super Sonic Overdrive, and Backstage.

Headbanger is a really pigmented black matte. I would most likely use this as a liner more than a shadow.
Acceptance Speech is a mint green shadow that shimmers a bright slightly golden green in different lights. This shadow is a lot sheerer but is very shimmery.
Love All the Poison is a more golden version of Acceptance Speech. This one shimmers a gold sheen in different lights. 
Super Sonic Overdrive is a really awesome blue wit light blue sparklies in it. This definitely does remind me of Sonic the Hedgehog. I think this would also make a cool liner and a shadow. 
Backstage is a more true blue and has blue sparklies in it. I would love using this as a liner. In fact, I think I will soon. =]

Overall I absolutely love this company. I was slightly disappointed that my products came in uneven proportions and about a month late, but i understand with the company moving and all. When HiFi gets back from vacation I will definitely look into purchasing more products. I really love the pigmentation and how some are really bold and others are a more sheer look. This shows that they are really looking to please every type of makeup lover. I really suggest you take a look when she gets back and see what wonderful things wait in store!


P.S. my lips are almost back to normal! 

P.P.S I know I haven't done my final update on the WnW Serum, i took pictures on friday like i usually do so I will have that update out as soon as i can!


  1. Great colors! I don't have any of those!! Some of my favorites are from her Labyrinth collection!

  2. I'll have to look at those when her shop comes back up

  3. Acceptance Speech looks beautiful. I love greens like that. And I agree with Kimmy, the Labyrinth collection is soooo gorgeous.