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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Venomous Cosmetics Review!!

Disclaimer-These products i received for free. I promise my review will not be biased because of this reason. 

Earlier last week i received this lovely package from Venomous Cosmetics. Being short on money I email the owner, Tracy, and asked for some samples. But i only asked for about 3 since I'm not a big time blogger like some others who have reviewed Venomous. To my extreme surprise she sent me so much I jumped! I received 6 of bag samples of loose shadow, a mini lipgloss, 3 pressed samples, 2 full pressed shadows, and a full jar of loose shadow.
These are the pressed shadows and the lipgloss
Cobalt Blue is a matte like blue color.
Sea Urchin is a purpley pink color that almost has a blue sheen to it. This is my favorite of the pressed shadows.
Tazelwurm(sorry misspelled in the picture) is a nice pink color. The website says it has a purple shift. But i didn't really see it. 
Wandering Spider is a dark pink almost red color. This does have a light pink shift in certain light.
Mermaid is a green color with a slight blue shift and a gold touch. I feel the website didn't describe the green too accurately. Its more of a normal green then a dark sea foam green. 
Djinn was the lipgloss i received and its marvelous. It goes on nice and smooth and is really soft on the lips. I didn't think I would like the color at first but i grew on me really quick. It is a neutral gold color on me that shines a ton. 

My only problem with the pressed shadows is without a base the shadow goes everywhere. But that is because i did not use a primer. 

Now on to the loose shadows!
Stiletto Snake is a matte black which didn't feel all the special to me.
Blue-Ringed Octopus is a nice light blue color that has a really nice blue shimmer. 
Eyelash Viper was a nice bright yellow with almost a pastel feel. 
Alien is a gorgeous minty green color with a nice goldish sparkle feel. This is my favorite color from the loose shadows.
Sea Krait is a little lighter than Blue-Ringed Octopus. This one has more of a pastel feel and less shine to it. 
Boomslang is a really pretty sea foam green. It isn't the same as Alien but Boomslang doesn't really have a shift to it. 
Man O' War was the full jar i received. Now, this picture doesn't do this shadow justice. Man O' War is a purple blue that has the perfect balance of sparkle and color. 

Overall I really like Venomous Cosmetics. The only problem i found was that some of their descriptions were a little off from what i can see. But everyone sees things differently so thats not too bad. Now, I did receive these for free by just emailing her about being a blogger. But i really do want to purchase some of her other stuff. I really want to try more of her Lip Poisons. I suggest you check out this upcoming star of a company!



  1. Man O War, Blue Ringed Octopus and Alien all look great! I love the names and the whole concept. I'd love to try the Lip Poisons!

  2. I want like all of the lip poisons they feel so amazing on! not gonna lie.

  3. Oh nervous giggle...if only she didn't have a spider in her banner!

  4. Thank you for the honest evaluation! I really am intrigued by this company, I totally love that tarantula on her page hahah. The mini-pans are so cute!

  5. yea. i really do like her. but some of her stuff is just plain and ordinary. while others are out of this world!