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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics Review: Face and Eyes!

So i ordered a ton of samples from the highly told about Darling Girl Cosmetics. After reading some of the reviews that Makeup Zombie did, i had to try them. So, when i entered the absolutely adorable site, i saw they had a Blogger pack. So I ordered 2 for $2!!! Amazing i know. You were to receive 5 samples of what you wanted! So i asked for El Diablo, Raven (both cream liners), Peep Show, Groovology, and Mystic for my eyes. Then she sent me a free sample of this amazing pink blush called Pink Outrage. Now, for bloggers she said she usually didn't send out cream liner samples for the pack, but i was special and got em anyway. Thanks Darling, your amazing! So lets get some pics on!
Now I'm going to start raving. THESE ARE SO AMAZING! They were so smooth and pigmented that after one swoop i was like "Wow i want all of these!" and for $6.50 i might go get a few. 
El Diablo is a pretty plum/red shade that is so creamy. The picture makes it look like a bronze, but its really a plumish shade. 
Raven is amazing! Its a navy almost black shade with some lovely sparkles that i am in love with! This is one I'm definitely buying. It looks asolutly amazing and i love it to death!

Pink Outrage is the free blush sample i received. This is actually a lot brighter then the picture. But don't be scared of it. It blends really well and is really soft. It feels so amazing on the skin. It smooths it out almost like its a foundation too. I love it but i most likely wouldn't but this color. Maybe more of a peach tone. But this is really awesome if you love pinks!

Peep Show is a very pretty straight blue color with a lot of blue sparkles. This was really smooth and i only did 2 swoops to get this lovely color. 
Groovology is a gorgeous bright violet with amazing violet sparkles. This one was also smooth and very pretty. 

Mystic was the last eyeshadow i got. This one was a grey black (this picture is really bad i know) with multicolored sparklies. But they are mostly red sparklies which i find really pretty. 

Part 1 overall I am lusting for more! For their amazing prices and lovely colors and their different products, this company is ranked at the number one spot for me. They have tons of stuff like liquid liner for $3.00 and shadows for $4.00 and blushes for $4.00, this site is definitely worth your while! I'm browsing for what i want next =]. I think I'm gonna order a aqua liner and some cream liners! Next review is the lippie review!


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