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Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Shadow Collection Part 2!

So todaii im gonna swatch all of my yellow, gold, coral, and orange shadows!!!!!

1. Shiro Cosmetics Yatta
From the Kawaii Shadow Collection
2. Venomous Cosmetics Eyelash Viper
3. Sarah's Naturals Light Buttercup
4. Dark Heart Designs Crash Love
5. DHD Carnival Queen

6. Kat Von D Sugar Skull
From the Memento Mori palette
7. Urban Decay Honey
8. DHD Pumpkin King
So far unreleased
9. Shiro Cosmetics Charmander
10. DHD Fool's Gold
11. DHD Tequila Sunrise

12. Face Candy Couture Cinnamon
13. High Voltage Kiss and Makeup
14. Candy Sweet Treats Bounce
15. Sarah's Naturals Just Peachy
16. DHD Coral Fang
17. Geek Chic Cosmetics Portal Orange

My favorite Yellow is:
DHD Carnival Queen

My favorite Gold is:
Shiro Cosmetics Charmander

My Favorite Coral/Orange is:
Face Candy Cinnamon and DHD Coral Fang(better pictured up top)

Favorite OVERALL:
DHD Carnival Queen

Easiest to apply:
Sarah Naturals

Hardest to apply:
Urban Decay


Gonna be updating alot this weekend so watch out!!

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