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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kawaii Shadow Swatches!!!

So i finally got my Kawaii Shadow Set from Shiro Cosmetics I've been dying for! Ive been wanting a pastel set to off balance all my brights that i have. Since so many people have done reviews and things on them. I thought I would be lazy and show off some swatches on my pale pale skin =]
I also got 2 samples. One of Link which i love! and Butterfree which was a little muted for my tastes but i didnt put any primer under my swatches so we will have to see. 
My favorite of the Kawaii Set wouldhave to be Desu and Banzai. I love all of them dearly and i can't wait to use them to add little color dots to dark shadows or to smooth my brights! 
Also, I went to Sephora and picked up TFSI! I've never used it before so i will have to try it todaii! Also i was upset that Sephora didnt have my Clinique Chubby Sticks. I wanted to try one so bad and i asked the lady and she said they arent getting them in that store for awhile. I was upset. Oh well maybe next time. I would get em online but they are sold out!!!
I think I will also be doing a color comparison post when all my orders come in. I should prolly stop ordering stuff so i dont have to keep waitin...lol i cant stop buying!! I will also put in my non mineral shadows to compare too! 
P.S. I want sushi still. I love all sushi now! must have moooorrree!


  1. Gosh I need that Kawaii shadow! It reminds me of some eyeshadow I got from Sanrio over a decade ago.

  2. The 5 shadows are only $28 which i think is a pretty good deal.

  3. I like desu and banzai too! So cute :)

  4. It's very reasonable, but I'm only working part time and I'm still poor from the holidays :( I'm applying for a second job though.