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Friday, January 14, 2011

Zoya +WnW = Heaven

SO i just got one of my Zoya orders =] My second one should be coming soon =]. In this order I got Kelly, Elodie, and Loredana. Now since i'm not a fan of pink I thought I wouldnt like Elodie. Boy was I wrong! It is the perfect color for me! It is not to muted of a pink but not too in your face pink either. It has a cute peach tint in it as well. I decided to add my new WnW Party of Five Glitters polish on top of it. I picked this up at Walgreens with my megalash serum.

I actually really like these two together. Also Elodie took about 3 coats to make it totally opaque and i used only one swoop of Party of 5 Glitters. 
I hope you like this cuz im in love with both of these!!!


P.S. When i get my second set of Zoya polishes. Im getting duplicates so thats how I'm gonna start my giveaway with! I will get some other stuff but the Zoya Polishes in Loredana and Kelly will be part of my giveaway!!


  1. I love it! ♥ very pretty color and I really like the Party Of Five Glitters as a top coat! :)

  2. Thanks! Party of Five Glitters is gonna end up going on everything!

  3. oh that is a nice coral-y pink! can't wait to see your other zoya swatches! my 3 were shipped yesterday. yay!

  4. That glitter looks fantastic!

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    PS: That pink is gorgeous!