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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vicious Cosmetics Mini Review!!

So i saw on Etsy that Vicious Cosmetics had a cute little $.99 for 3 samples so i hopped right on that and ordered me my set of 3! They came in clamp shells which tend to spill alot...but thats okay! I ordered 8-Bit, Scuba, and Fresh N' Clean.

Fresh N' Clean is a really nice blue/green color with alot of shine to it. In the light it shines a nice white color but without light it looks teal.
Scuba is a really really pretty pastel green color with green sparklies. It even has a little tint of blue to it if u look at it close enough. 
8-Bit is a black with tons of multi colored sparkles. When i opened the clamp it was sparkle heaven. So if you like sparklies this is what u want.

Overall I really like what i got from Vicious Cosmetics. The shadows went on pretty easily and they are nice and bright even without primer. Be careful though, some of her shadows are not eye safe and she clearly points them out! so make sure u look! I would definitely buy from Vicious again. If only i had the money!!!


  1. I'm glad you liked the shadows! I do offer the samples in baggies if you prefer, just let me know in the message to seller and it is no problem! Convo me if you get a chance, had I known you were gonna post a review, I would've been more than happy to include a few extra samples for free! <3

    -Jesse/Vicious Cosmetics

  2. O thats ok! i was hoping to buy from u soon when i get some money. ive been browsing some more and i love some of ur purples!