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Saturday, January 29, 2011

BFTE Cosmetics Swatches!

So at BFTE they were having a cute little sale like thing where you get a full jar and 4 mini jar samples for $10. I was so excited that i instantly bought it! I ordered Green Apple (full size), Grape, Bing, Love Potion #9, and Wasted Time. I even got a cute little baggie sample of Bluebird.

Green Apple is a bright green with green sparklies which are really pretty. This was the full jar i purchased.
Love Potion #9 is a really nice plum color with red and purple sparklies in it. 
Grape is a lollipop grape color that i love to death!!!
Wasted Time is a dark blue/purple with multicolored sparklies.
Bing is a gorgeous forest green with green and yellow sparklies.
Bluebird is a bright bright blue with some blue sparkles. 

I cant even chose a favorite!!!! I love them all so much!!!


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