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Friday, January 7, 2011

Upcoming Reviews and More!

So, like i've been saying on twitter for awhile. This week has taken a real toll on me. But i wanted to let you all know that today i gained some new lovely followers <3 and I am at 700 views!!!! I find this rather amazing since I'm only a high schooler who just has a passion for makeup and other random things. Btw you can follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/zombielovrr =]. We can have conversations and talk about whatever also you will get my recent blog posts up there too! I ordered so many things that i feel like its christmas again! I'm going to be getting Samples from Hi-fi Cosmetics, Kawaii set from Shiro Cosmetics, some more stuff from Evil Shades, TONS of Zoya nailpolish (i will be hosting my first giveaway because i'm getting duplicates!), lots of other nail polishes (gonna blog em up tomorro!), some surprises form Darling Girl Cosmetics, lots of lovely things from High Voltage Cosmetics, and tons and tons of stuff (including Pixie Epoxy) from Fyrinnae!!! So once they come in I'll review em asap. So you can see everything!

Now for a little rant:
This week has been kinda stressful. It started off great! I finally got a bf. The first bf ive had in the past year! But then things got really tough for him. He's had a really bad week. And i've been there talking to him and helping him pick himself up again. But sometimes he's been really worrying me. So when i get worried i get really sick. So, ive been super sick lately too. He's doing a little better and our friends are helping him out. So, if you want you can send me a tweet saying u hope he gets better and ill send them all to him. He thinks people don't really care about him and I'm trying to show him that people do. So, yea theres my mini rant. Thanks for reading. =] I love you all!