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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High Voltage Cosmetics Swatches and Review!!

So todaii i reveived 7 packages!!! thats alot! but i decided that I would first swatch and review the lovely lovely Jasmine at High Voltage Cosmetics. We have been talking on twitter for weeks now and I couldn't wait to receive my order! I ordered 3 lippies, 9 samples (got 2 extra) and a full jar. Now for some pics and fun!

All Shook Up is an amazing pink color that would work perfectly as a highlighter. 
Glam Rock is a navy matte that is really really purrty. 
Break the Ice is a really sparklie white shadow. It almost has a blue tint to it. 

Detroit Rock City is a pretty sky blue that has a nice shimmer to it.
#1 Crush is a dark gray/green that i am absolutely in love with. I would love using this wit Detroit City in a look. Maybe I'll use it tomorro.

Dark Romance is a black shadow with a green tint in it. It is a glitter matte =].
Ice Sculpture is a beautiful periwinkle color that i love to death right now. 
Big Spender (named after my favorite show tune) is a nice light blue color. 
I love blues.

In the Lime Light surprised me. It is a really pretty forest green color that would look really pretty with Frost Bite.
Frost Bite is a light teal color has some green sparklies in it 

New Skool is my favorite of the bunch. It is a mint green color that i love love love love. I want a full jar now!!
Kiss & Makeup is the full jar i bought. It is a dirty peach color that shines on and on. 

I also ordered 3 lippies.
New Rose is a dusty pink that is really pretty. I'm loving this color. 
Alter Ego is a bright purple lippie that is definitely different then the other purple lippies I own.
Pyromania is a burnt orange color that i love to death. 
btw i put on New Rose to test the staying power and I've been eating and its still mostly there =]

Until February 1st, High Voltage has everything 30% off!!! 
Overall I really suggest u order from her. She always has a sale or a BOGO option. Her prices are really reasonable and her full jars are filled to the brim. Jasmine is an amazing person and her products are just as amazing. I think I'm gonna order a full jar of some of these shadows when i get the money. I really want New Skool, In the Lime Light,  Ice Sculpture, and Big Spender! And i want a ton more samples =]
I am sorry to state that I can no longer support this company. This absolutely pains me to say this since I used to be so close to Jasmine. There have been a series of unfolded events that have opened my eyes to some unsettling news and I can no longer support someone who takes such actions with a company. I am truly sorry.
P.S. got tons for to do!!!


  1. Ooh I love the look of alter ego! Don't think I could pull it off myself but has the potential to look amazing!xx

  2. I bet you could! i beleive anyone can pull off a purple lippie if they have the confidence!

  3. i have new skool and LOVE it! i spy several that i want now...espec dark romance! very nice.

  4. I want a full jar of New Skool like terribly bad!!

  5. 7 PACKAGES!! I got 5 today and was so excited! I love the colors that you picked! I think that out of the 20 that I have from her, I don't have one of the ones you have! I need some more and I really need some full size jars!

  6. i still say you need to sell Valentine cards with pix of your lips! so pretty!

  7. aww thanks hun. Kim i think you should try New Skool and #1 Crush they would look amazing on you!