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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some ranting..

Hey lovelies! Sorry I haven't been updating so much in the last few days. I'm actually waiting on some orders to come in =]. But I've been having a stressed out /weird week and I'm relaxing at the moment. So, hopefully by Saturday I will be all recharged and ready to blog again!

I have a question for my lovelies. I have been using UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) for as long as I can remember. But now, i want to start branching out to more eye primers. I know many rave about TFSI. But i have really oily lids and was wondering if that would work on me? Also, if you have any suggestions on what i could use. I would be very appreciative. Also,  I was wondering if it would be easier for a lot of you to follow me on a facebook fan page? Also, you can follow me on twitter at zombielovrr.



  1. I've heard that it doesn't work on oily lids. I can't use it at all and I never even considered myself to have oily lids. I also heard that Evil Shades primer is ridiculously good. I;m waiting on my order so I don't really know yet. Hope that this helped somewhat!

  2. I was thinking of trying Evil Shades' primer. Cuz i love everything they make. I might go stop at Sephora and grab some TFSI cuz i stil have my gift card. Thanks!! =]

  3. I've been wondering the same thing though I haven't had a staple primer yet.

  4. I also have oily lids and have been using TFSI, alternating with Concrete Minerals' eye primer. They both work pretty well. I use the TFSI when I'm in a hurry because the squeeze tube is a bit easier to work with.

    I've heard that Sobe, Evil Shades and High Voltage are all good for oily lids but I haven't gotten around to trying them yet.

  5. i've been using Tarte's Lifted eye primer for awhile and love it mostly for it's firming effect. i think this would work well for oily eyelids...?

    i'm following you and look forward to your reviews!

  6. o wow! thats alot of suggestions! now i need a job to buy them all! I will definitely try TSFI and Tarte. Concrete Minerals ive read alot about and Sobe i tried and i couldnt find it. But thanks for all the suggestions!!!