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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Random Blue look.

I was getting bored and had to do my photo assignment, so I decided to create some cool blue look. And heres what I got after using a TON of my blue shadow samples, my favorite blue mascara, and my navy cream liner. =] 

Things I used

Now I don't remember where everything was. But these are most of my blue shadows. I dont know what to call this look exactly. I was thinking of Tron, Avatar and Clockwork Orange. This is was what came out. I would like to thank my new MAC brushes for the liner. =] 



  1. Hey Taryn!

    I've got a suggestion: why don't you make a fan page for your blog? I usually read more updates that I see on facebook than ones I have to look for. Sometimes I forget to check yours.

  2. Maybe I will this weekend. Theres been a lot of stressful things going on and I haven't had too much time for anything lately. But I will definitely consider it! Thanks!