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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Companies I'm Dying to Try!!!

After a month of buying tons and tons of mineral makeup. I still want more!!!! There are sooo many companies I've been wanting to try but i have a lack of money. I would love free samples lol. But I'd rather buy them so i can support the companies.

I WANNA TRY (in no particular order)

Morgana Cryptoria

Detrivore Cosmetics

Silk Naturals


Heavenly Naturals

Sassy Minerals

Glamour Doll Eyes (website is down atm)

Suds N Sass

Venomous Cosmetics - is now getting sent some samples =]

TKB Micas

GlamRock Cosmetics

Cake Minerals

Concrete Minerals

Rock a Betty Beauty

Geek Bliss

Brazen Cosmetics

My Pretty Zombie

Spectrum Cosmetics

Psyche Minerals

Living Dead Grrl

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

Lost in Makeupland

Persephone Minerals

I wish i had more money to get samples to review!!! Sooo many things I want. And i want tons more from the other companies i've already bought stuff for!!! GAHHH lol ok rant over


  1. I placed my first order with morgana cryptoria today :)
    Glamour Doll is pretty awesome though it can take a long time before they are shipped.
    Also, i'd read this (and the comments) before ordering from Madd Style. http://legothique.com/2010/10/31/madd-style-cosmetics-a-review/ I wish i would have before i ordered. My experience with them wasn't good and i could have saved some money.

  2. o wow...now they are off my list =]

  3. Yeah I would do a thorough search for reviews before you buy from some of these companies.

  4. Melissa of Morgana Cryptoria is really sweet and her lipstick formulas are incredible. You must sample at least one. I like her unusual colors. I have some TKB I'll send you too if you want so you don't have to make a purchase. They have a $20 minimum.

  5. omg that would be amazing! i have no money anymore! but when i get some money Morgana is where im going first!