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Friday, January 21, 2011

My Shadow Collection Part 1!

I know I've been sayin I would swatch all my shadows by color (mineral or non) eventually. So, since I'm home from school todaii and sick. I thought I would start with my neutral colors. I prolly have the least amount of neutrals because i usually dont wear them and i dont buy as many. I will wait til i get my order from BFTE before i do any other colors (cuz i didnt order any neutrals from them).

1. Clinique Touch Tint for Eyes in Pink Sheen
You can barely see it on me, which is why i put it as a neutral, not a pink. 
2. MAC Pigment in Jigs & Jive 
This is from the Tartan Tale Collection
3. MAC Pigment in Shimmertime
4. MAC Pigment in Naked
From the Tartan Tale Collection
5. Kat Von D Shadow in Meditation
From the Memento Mori Palette
6. Urban Decay Shadow in Shag
7. DHD shadow in Transparent
8. DHD shadow in Clean Slate
9. DHD shadow in Dirty
10. Darling Girl Cosmetics shadow in Landry
From her Hello Kitty Collection
11. Moonrise Studios shadow in Haute Cocoa
12. Darling Girl shadow in Eye Candy 1
From her surprise shadows
13. Darling Girl shadow in Eye Candy 2
From her surprise shadow
14. Urban Decay Shadow in Underground

My favorite out of all of these would have to be:
DHD in Clean Slate. 

My least favorite would have to be:
Clinique in Pink Sheen.

The easiest to put on:
The Darling Girl and DHD shadows

The hardest to put on:
The Urban Decay Shadows

Hope you enjoyed my Collection Part 1!


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