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Monday, January 10, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetic Surprise!

Only a week ago I ordered 2 "candy jars" from Darling Girl Cosmetics. They were only a dollar so who could resist! i got 2 of em =] The Eye Candy were in jars so its a great buy for a decent amount! Then i even got 2 samples from DG's upcoming Hello Kitty Collection! I received Eye Candy 1, Eye Candy 2, Landry (Hello Kitty) and Charmmy Kitty (Hello Kitty).

Eye Candy 1 is a very nice neutral. Its only a little darker than my pale skin but i always need more neutrals for when I'm lazy and don't wanna go 50 miles for a makeup look.
Eye Candy 2 is darker then the first one and is also a little purpler. 
Landry is a brown purple color that would match well with Eye Candy 1 and 2
Charmmy Kitty is a sheer red lip that is extremely smooth on (I'm wearing it now). This would look great over a red lipstick to make it shine!

I am really happy with these colors!!! Even though this isn't a review, i really like all i got =] Don't miss out on DG cosmetics!


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