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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Evil Shade Lippie Review!!! and more randomness

So i recieved (just in time for the holidays) my Evil Shade Lippies that i ordered as a buy 2 get one free thing. And boy i will never regret this purchase! I ordered Ardour, Stiletto, and Obscurity. I am obsessing over these. These are their Deviant Lipsticks. I am now lusting! These are super pigmented and just beautiful in general. Here are some pics! By the way, I put no primer on my lips or chapstick. So, these are just plain lips.

Ardour is the color I've been lusting for for weeks! I've been craving an orange lippie and i finally got the perfect one. This is on the border of a neon but its not too obnoxious. Even though I love obnoxious lippies, this one turned out perfect for me. 

Stiletto is the perfect magenta pink. This one went on so smooth it felt like a chapstick. This is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out but doesn't want to scare people. This will definitely be going in my purse as a favorite. 

Obscurity was my free one I asked for. I have wanted a navy/dark blue lippie for awhile so I didn't always have to wear either bright blue (which i like) or black. I wanted an inbetween. This is an amazing inbetween lippie. It takes a little longer to apply to get the even color but, just add a little gloss or chapstick to even it out and your on your way. This will be amazing to wear to match my new Harajuku Lovers Disco shirt i just got. 

 Overall I am in love love love with Evil Shades. I definitely want to try some of their shadows. I got a sample of Illusive but, it wouldn't take a picture on my camera (electronics have been hating me recently) so, I'll put it in a look and rate it too. Its a pretty lilac shade that I can't wait to try out. I super highly suggest ordering from Evil Shades.

Me having fun with lighting hehe

My Shiro Cosmetics Peacock look! I used Rupee, Hearts, and Zora. I wore this to school and everyone thought it was bizzare. I love it personally so I don't care. I even made a cat eye tip with Zora and Hearts. check out my review of Shiro here!

I will get to my Darling Girl Cosmetics review asap.



  1. I'm curious to try the orange and even more curious about what my lip colour would do to it. Anything red my lips change it to orange. Fight orange with more orange?
    I need Obscurity. Her LE Lip Gloss in Zombie Kiss is another amazing purple.

  2. I really love these! i wore the orange todaii and i got so many compliments. and whenever i wear a red it goes to a pink. so that makes me mad. i love reds.