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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shiro Cosmetics Review!

I finally got all my Shiro Cosmetics Samples and I am extremely pleased! First off, the names made me smile to no end. I love pokemon and Legend of Zelda =]. I still play pokemon blue in my spare time. Also the colors in the bags (with a very decent amount of product) were very vibrant and pretty. And even without primer underneath them, they were still pretty vibrant on my weird skin. From the Legends collection I ordered Veran, Majora's mask, Rupee, Zora, and Hearts. Then from the Super Effective collection ordered Gyarados, Magneton, Poliwrath, Charmander, and Gengar. I also got Midna and Ganandorf free from the Legends collection

Midna is a very pretty gray shade with some sparklies. I love gray shades since i mostly wear black to school gray always makes a nice quick go-to on those "i'm late to school mornings." This will def be my new go-to shade.
Hearts is a pretty pretty orange-red shade which actually looks nice with my crazy skin. It is very bright which i love.
Majora's Mask is a purple/blue color but its more purple than the picture shows it as. It definitely makes a good base color for some ideas i have in my head.
Rupee is a beautiful light/lime green shade that makes me happy. I've always wanted a lime green shadow for some reason.
Gyarados is my favorite so far. Remember i'm a total sucker for blue shadows. Gyarados is so bright that i was like "woah this is amazing!!!" right after i applied it.
Charmander is a lovely orange/yellow color which i am adoring atm. I have been savaging the internet looking for an orange lipstick to wear since my skin color is so weird it would prolly work on me (if anyone has any ideas where to get one let me know asap!!!!!)
Ganandorf was a little tricky to apply but it is a really dark purple/red color. Almost a plum. It has really pretty sparkles and This will def be my other go-to shadow. 
Magneton surprised me! In the bag it looks like Midna but it is a more sheer sparkle than a pigmented gray. I actually love this to death. This I might use as a highligher for a smokey eye or just to add some sparkle to a look. 
Zora is another gorgeous blue which made me smile. Zora has alot more sparkle than Gyarados. It is also i lighterish shade. 

Gengar is a black/purple shade with some dark sparkles. This picture makes it look like its a matte. but its a glitter-matte hehe =] 
Poliwrath is amazing! its a light navy? color that would look pretty wit Zora. 
Veran is a navy shadow with blue and purple sparkles. This one is really pretty. This one is my second favorite. 

I really love Shiro Cosmetics. My one problem would be that some of the shadows I had a tough time applying. But other than that they are gorgeous ( i love that word) But I will def order from her again as soon as i get my christmas money =] I am dying to get my hands on the Kawaiishadow set! I also cant wait to make tons of looks with these! Everyone should go check them out. Im serious.

P.S. I am a very busy girl this week so some posts might be delayed and i have one more review to do which i will do this weekend. This is hell week for me. I have 2 concerts (one is tomorro and the second one is friday) with after school rehersals to boot.  I also have a project and 2 papers due by thursday. So please dont lose hope if I dont post for a few days. I will try tho. I will still take photos of my daily looks and load em when i can. 
P.P.S. Oreos and coffee are tastey. Until i dropped half and oreo into the coffee...oopsie.

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