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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Nail Polish Fun!

So about 2 hours before the chorus concert last friday i decided to use my favorite nail polishes to make a fun sparklie look! I used Essence Color and Go in Movie Star (the gray), Sally Hansen Laquer Shine in Lustrous (the black) and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink (sparkles) I love putting different colors underneath the sparkles. Even tho it isnt noticed as much but it can make a difference about how bright the sparkles are. The sparkles look the brightest when black or white in under them. 

without flash


P.S. i found this lip gloss that i am dying for! I'm so upset im not in the UK because im dying for Sleek Pout Polish! It looks so lovely and bright and i love bright lips! Ill ususally wear like a dark sparkle shadow with a fushia lip. Or i wear really dark reds or even purples. Why? cuz im crazy and pale and love dark colors. lol

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