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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cinderella 2 Look!

So Friday was the callbacks for Cinderella (I am the queen btw =]=]) So friday morning i made another Cinderella/blue inspired look. My weekend has been amazing so farrr! and i got my friend to dance. then he got addicted to dancing. oops. =]
Things i used:
Primer: UDPP in sin
Shadow: Moonrise's December and Stormbringer
Liner: Prestige Total Intensity in Strong Slate

Here is just december
 Stormbringer added some pretty multicolored sparkles


  1. Love the color! You might want to take a photo of the entire look. Things tend to look a little different when it's not up close.


  2. I have been obsessing with December. I will have to do the look over and take more shots or something. cuz alot of ppl loved this look. i might recreate it monday or tomorro based on my day.

  3. That would be nice. I think it just shows the look better when you do a whole face shot and you have such a lovely one :)

  4. Thanks love =]. I think i'll use december in tomorros look. and i just got this amazing lipgloss that will look amazing paired with it!!!