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Friday, December 31, 2010

Face Candy Couture Tiny Review!!

So i received some free samples from Face Candy Couture. They came in adorable little baggies but since they were FREE, I was happy anyway. These were totally random samples, but i actually found the colors to be very lovely even though some of the colors i received I
wouldn't usually wear. I'll find stuff to wear these with though! I got Pinecone, Damask Grey, Chill, Pretty, and Cinnamon

Pinecone was a very nice brown shade that would be perfect for a natural smokey eye. Since I've never actually tried a smokey eye, maybe I'll try one.
Damask Gray was a beautiful shade of grey. With alot of sparkles. This is my favorite shade that would look pretty with a navy blue.
Chill is on the border of a black and a navy blue. It has alot of pretty multicolored sparkles.
Pretty is a pretty pink shade with a gold shine to it. I like using this as a base shadow to add other colors on top of it. 
Cinnamon is a pretty bronze shade. It has a nice shine to it. It reminds me of a metallic nail polish. 

Overall I am pretty satisfied with Face Candy Couture. Since I only got a few shades I don't want to make definite decision. I'll have to experiment more with their shadows before i make my decision =]. But as of right now, I am pretty neutral. 

P.S. I cant wait for my MAC order to come in!!! And i finally have brushes! and there are more reviews to come!

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