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Thursday, December 9, 2010

100 Hits!!!

Hey everyone! This blog has 100 hits. I cant thank you guys enough for reading! in only about a week I went from just some no one girl to a blogger who has had readers in Croatia, Greece, and Finland! I really love this and I cant wait to keep going and supplying you guys wit more reviews and looks that i made up at random times. So, here are my weekend plans!
1. Finish play auditions! (hope i get a lead!!)
2. Shop!!! I was hoping to go on an Ulta haul this weekend
3. Start with more reviews (i have two more companies to review atm)
4. Go to the Band Dance!!!
5. crochet some stuff (pokeballs and such)
6. Get my friends their gifts! (hehe)
7. Get better. I have a horrible sore throat. Its getting better already.
8. Photos! its movement this weekend! shoudl be fffuuuunnnn!
9. Gonna test my luck and see if I can get my best friend to dance lol (its a stretch)
10. exercise!!! gotta look nice for new years! (even tho i'm prolly not doing anything...o well)

On a side note! I just ordered form Amoraleigh. I have heard way too many amazing things and I wanted to try them before they...closed...which they are on December 13th. =[
So, I ordered 3 full jars for a total of $13.59 (includes shipping). I wish they weren't closing....her stuff is so pretty. But I ordered We're All Mad Here from the Wonderstruck Collection and 2 from the Astronomical Collection in Event Horizon and Binary. I will also review those when they come in. I suggest you place at least one order before they go out of business. I hope you all have wonderful weekends and stay warm and I wish for snow.


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