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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dark Heart Design Review Part 2!!

So here is part 2 of my review!! so far i love everything but there is still more to go.
So here is part 2!

Paperazzi is a sparklie white with multicolored sparkles that would be a perfect hi-lighter or to make a snowy day look with a pastel blue.(which is coming up)
Fool's Gold is a bronze color with cold sparkles that went on nice and easy. It is a very pretty almost neutral color that would look nice paired with a tan shadow or a champagne shadow. 
Limelight is a really pretty yellow/green color that is very bright and out there. It will prolly look amazing when added with primer and a darker green or even a blue color. 
In the Dark is a matte shadow that went on so nicely. I love everything matte so this will be nice to wear. 
Crash Love is a gold/yellow color that went on very smooth too. This would look pretty with a navy or a bright blue.
Beautiful Nightmare is a light purple/pink color that i feel compliments my skin tone. Its almost like a pink neutral with a little more of a kick to it. 
Frost is a very light white almost clear with tons of sparkles. This would look like a fantastic hi-lighter or just to add sparkles to things. 

Nymph is a very bright green with some sparkles in it. This would look nice paired with a dark blue or a black (i think everything should be with blue lol)
Starstruck is my favorite of this review. It is a lovely pastel like blue with alot of sparkles. This is going on my definitely order when i get money list. 
Silver Bullet is definitely a silver color. It has multicolored sparkles which make this super pretty.
Catalyst is a purple color like grape lollipop almost. It has some pretty green sparkles in it which i love. 
Toxic is an electric pink that pops. According to Dark Heart is is not a vegan shadow. 

Halestorm is a green/blue color with tons of sparkles. I really like this one.
Purple Haze is a very smokey purple color. This one was a little hard to apply but thats okay. 
Shudder is a dark gray that was also kinda hard to apply. This had some very nice silver sparkles. 

So here are my favorites for this set Catalyst, Starstruck, In the Dark and Beautiful Nightmare.

The final part of Dark Heart Design's Review will conclude tomorrow so Stay Tuned!

P.S. im crocheting like crazy lol


  1. I stumbled upon this shop the other night... Catalyst caught my eye because well, it's named after a new found glory song. lol.
    Frost and Nymph are really pretty too it appears.
    and yay for crocheting!

  2. I definitely suggest you try Dark Heart. The owner is the sweetest person and she makes amazing products.