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Monday, December 20, 2010

Dark Heart Design Review Part 3!!

So here is the final part to the Dark Heart Designs 35+ Sample Shadows review!
Now some of these shadows are unreleased. I'll let you know which ones!

Veronica is a purple grey color with a lovely grey sparkle. Its alot more pigmented then i thought it would be. I loves it!
Transparent lives up to its name. Its basically sparkles. But this can make or break a look if u want to add some pretty glitter on ur cheeks or something like that.
Killing Moon is a light blue/silver combination. it is definitely super shiney.
Pink Nights is a pretty pink color thats not too electric so if you want a more natural or muted shadow this is what you go for. But its not that muted. It still has some nice color to it.
Carnival Queen is a bright yellow color with a hint of gold to it. This will definitely make a pretty accent shadow over a navy color.

Now these are the 4 UNRELEASED shadow samples i got.
Pumpkin King is a really pretty gold color with a little bit of an orange feeling to it. It looks really pretty on my skin and would look really nice with a neural look.
Dirty Diana was a total surprise. In the bag it was a really muted purple color then when i put it on my arm. it transformed into this bright gorgeous purple color that i am in looovvvee with. 
Cotton Candy is a bright bubbly pink color that is very light and sparklie.
Come Undone is a really nice forest green color that reminds me of pine trees (since there are billions here) 

My favorites of this set are Veronica, Dirty Diana, and Come Undone. I just wish Dirty Diana and Come Undone were able to be sold. I would buy them in seconds!

Overall I am totally in love with Dark Heart Designs. When i purchased these shadows (which i got for a total of $9.00 [with a discount] instead of the normal $12.00) i had a chance to talk to the amazing Tina, the owner of Dark Heart Designs. She was the one who convinced me to create this blog. When i received my package it came with a pamphlet with all the ingredients, descriptions of all her shadows (except for the unreleased ones) and prices of full jars, a chance to receive free samples, and a billion ways to contact her. There are only 2 non-vegan shadows which are Vampire Heart and Toxic. I'm not sure about the unreleased ones though. But i am extremely impressed with Dark Heart Designs. When i get some money I am definitely going to buy Rave, Coral Fang, Charmed, Starstruck, and Dirty Diana (if i can). I highly highly suggest u try Dark Heart Cosmetics. You really wont regret it!!!!

P.S. Christmas is less than a week away! I can't wait!!!!!

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