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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Moonrise Studio review!

A little over a week ago I ordered 7 samples from MoonriseStudios and got an extra sample =]. I was amazed that the price for these 7+ samples was only $3.65! What a bargain! Then the samples came in about a week. They came twice as fast as my Christmas gift for my cousin did that I ordered a week before ordering from Moonrise. When the samples arrived I was extremely excited! I first noticed how bright and vibrant the colors were in their adorable sample bags. Then, i saw a generous amount of product in each bag. Most likely good enough for 8-10 uses each (which I consider pretty amazing!) So, what else better to do then swatch em!
I received Oxalis, Tart, Marina, December, Stormbringer, Haute Cocoa, Sushi Ginger, and Candyfloss.
Oxalis is a forestish green color which i fell in love with. The shadow has a pretty sheen like the rest of them.
Tart is a mix between a lime green and a yellow. I think making a look wit Tart and Oxalis would be amazing! what do you think?
Marina is a gorgeous blue. It isn't as shiny as the others but i'm really digging it. I'm always a sucker for blue things lol.
December is more of a dark purple-blue mix. It reminds me or those huge summer rain clouds that loom over head. hehe random poetry. I noticed that this shadow has blue glitter in it. It is barely noticeable but adds a great touch.
Stormbringer is a lovely purple-gray color that looks more like a matte shadow to me. But it has glitter. So i'll call it a glitter-matte shadow. I actually really like this one. This is my favorite of the bunch. Unfortunately the picture doesn't show proper justice =/.
Haute Cocoa is a beautiful brown almost natural color. It does remind me a lot of Hot Cocoa. I really liked this one because it looks pretty wit my pale skin. lol
Sushi Ginger is almost a neutral color on my skin. It is a very glittery light pink and has a pretty sheen when worn.
Candyfloss might look the same as Sushi Ginger, but you are very wrong. Candyfloss is a glitter-matte (hehe i like this phrase) and is a slightly darker more prominent pink color.

Overall Review!
I am extrememly pleased with MoonriseStudios . These are very lovely shadows that are fantastic for everyday wear and for parties and fun this holiday season. Also, MoonriseStudios has a 10 samples for $4.00 deal if you want more shadows!!
I suggest everyone give MoonriseStudios a try. You won't be disappointed!!


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  1. Great review, I'm so glad you like the samples and thanks for the advertising. I see you reviewed some of Candy's stuff too, she has some great products, thanks so much for supporting handmade! ^_^