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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dark Heart Design Review Part 1!!

I was like a little girl during Christmas when my package from Dark Heart Designs came in with my 35+ samples. So i am doing the review in 3 parts because there is so many! So here is the first part of my Dark Heart Design Review. 

Ultraviolet is a pretty violet color that is almost electric. It is absolutely gorgeous. 
Siren's Song is a pretty light teal color that was slightly muted. but you have to remember i dont use primer when i do my swatches. I only use primer when i put them on my eyes. 
Moonchild is a nice silver color that has alot of shine it. Another go-to shadow =]
Dirty is a darker silver that is almost a gray.  It is a glitter-matte shadow. Another go-to shadow =]=]
Rave is an electric blue shadow. Which i am absolutely in love with. looooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee. =]

Absinthe is somewhat cut off but it is a lovely green color which is a little dark. 
Wine Red is more of a pinkie color that looks nice on my awkward skin tone.
Coral Fang is a pretty peach color that i would love to be a lipstick right now. Idk i've had this sudden obsession for wanting grey nail polish and wanted coral/orange lipstick. If you have any ideas where to get any of this let me know!!!
Charmed is a bright purple color that makes me really smile. Since purple is my favorite color i love bright purple everything. lol.
Clean Slate is def another go-to color. this is more of a matte then the other shades i've seen. I love it. 

Vampire Heart is a electric pinkie red color which made my eyes open a ton. This was so bright after such a small amount of shadow used a almost screamed in excitement. 
Surrender is a really nice purple color with purple sparklies in it. Its like a grape color. which i looovvve!
Tequila Sunrise is absoluely amazing! its a pure bright orangey yellow that sparkles gorgeously. 
Twisted Metal is a blueish gray with purple and blue sparkles that made me smile a lot. Go-to for sure. 

My favorites for this set are Rave, Coral Fang, Charmed, Vampire Heart, Tequila Sunrise and Surrender. So far i love them all =]. 
Part 2 will be coming up soon! so stay tuned

P.S. I've gotten alot better at crocheting =] and I'm writing a 15 page letter to my best friend for christmas telling him how much he means to me. he better like it. =] i love him more then anything in the world. Now to keep crocheting. And watching America Ninja Warrior.
P.P.S. i have been lead on to believe that I will be getting World of Warcraft for christmas. i have been wanting to try that game for years now. =] i hope i get it. woohoo!!!

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