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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Candy's Sweet Treats Review!!!

A little while ago I ordered some samples from Candy's Sweet Treats. The samples came in very big sample bangs and have a very nice amount of product. I received all the colors I asked for, even the ones that were in her special collections. Without primer the pigments weren't very bright but I am hoping with the addition of primer it will get brighter. But sometimes i need a toned down day and these are perfect. I received Rave, Bounce, Violet Beuregarde (from her Willy Wonka collection), Whine, Zombie Blood, and Elder Wand (from her Harry Potter Collection). 
Rave is a very very very pretty light green/blue color with lovely sparkles. It is very bright but has a mellow touch to it. 
Bounce is a bright orange color which complements my skin tone in a way. I really liked this one. It has some sparkle but not too much. 
Violet Beuregarde is a gorgeous blueberry/violet color. This is my favorite of the set. It is perfect for all times of day and night. 

Whine is a burgundy/brown color on my skin. It is like a plum color in different lights too. I used this in my Brass in Black 1 look.
Zombie Blood is amazing. In the bag it is a bright neon green which got me super excited. Inside is a fantastic lime green glitter which I have read can by used ANYWHERE! This to me has so many uses to go on top of shadows as an extra pop or on my nails which make girls beg to know where i got it!
Elder Wand was a very lovely gray color with blue/purple sparkles This is very pretty! 

Overall I really like Candy's Sweet Treats. She a wide variety of colors to choose from and offers them at extremely reasonable prices. My collection of samples was only $2.50. Amazing I know. I suggest you give her a try. You won't be disappointed. 



  1. I had to be nosy and go look. The thing that puts me off is that you have to ask for the ingredients & then wait for a response. Phyrra suggested that I put mine in the materials & item descriptions. I think people are becoming more aware of ingredients now & tend to look at them a little more.

  2. I think so too. Soooo many news channels and newspapers are really getting into makeup ingredients because some companies are putting really harmful chemicals in their makeup. I haven't been paying too much attention to ingredients of companies atm. but sometimes I wonder if some major companies really put in their makeup.

  3. Thanks for the review Darthangel165... the only reason why i don't post my ingredients is that i'm afraid someone will steal my base ingredients... i do now have a sticker that i stick to my shadows, lip scrubs, scrubs, primers with all the ingredients and if you send me a question most of the time it will be answered that day! Once Again thanks for the wonderful review!

  4. awesome,i have yet to put up more info on your sweet products i've bought.so happy with all of them! i need 181 huh? whatever happends
    and i think i have enough make up,"and i have so much" i want more.

  5. all from candy's sweet treats:streets of paris;glitterpuss;lollipops,buttercream,sugarcubes,hallws eve;poet,foiling jazz;
    a moisturizer made just for me:) and her omfg primer which i am in looove with! a do not miss out item of hers! cansy's sweet treats one of the best shops at etsy.com