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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sarah's Naturals Swatches and Review!!!

So a few days ago i recieved some samples from this cute little Etsy company called Sarah's Naturals. I ordered 3 shadow samples and 2 liner samples. I ordered Just Peachy, Light Buttercup, Rosy as shadow and Black Cherry and Envy as eyeliners.

Just Peachy is what it is. An amazingly pretty peach color that is really pigmented (i dont put primer under my swatches)
Light Buttercup is a really pale yellow that has a pretty shimmer to it. It is a little yellower than my skin color. 
Rosy is a pretty pink color that has pink sparklies and has a nice sheen to it. 
Black Cherry is a mineral eyeliner that has red sparklies. It went on kinda unevenly but it prolly should be used in a thinner line, not the thick line i used. 
Envy is my favorite. It is also a mineral eyeliner. It is a bright vibrant green that has green sparklies and a perfect sheen. I might use this more as a shadow than a liner.

Overall I really like Sarah's products. Most of them went on really smoothly and had a very nice pigment to them. I suggest you try their samples like i did. I will definitely use Envy alot. You can try 5 samples for $2.50 plus shipping. 
You can also get 5g jars for $5 plus shipping. 



  1. Looks great! I was supposed to do a review on them a looooong time ago, but Sarah never got back to me!

  2. maybe try again! lol idk. its up to u. i like her stuff alot.