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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics Review: Lippies!!

So just moments ago, I reviewed Darling Girl Cosmetics Face and Eye samples i received. So now I'm gonna review the other set of samples I ordered which were Lippies. As you can tell I love lippies! lol So i got some gorgeous samples. So, i made a make shift lip brush and tested em on my hand for now cuz my camera didn't want to take lip pictures today. I got Banshee, Strawberries & Cream, Stiletto, Painted Whore, and Delight.
Banshee is a sheer purple with some very pretty sparklies that give a really nice shine to the lips. This would be great to layer over a dark lipstick. This is a liquid lippie.

Strawberries & Cream was this nice pinkie color. It feels really nice on your lips. This is also a liquid. 

Stiletto is not the Evil Shades Stiletto, but on the hand it looks rather similar but more creamy. I will have to compare them eventually but this one seems less pigmented and more like a chapstick than a lipstick. So, I'll have to see. This is a solid lippie.

Painted Whore us a really nice red color that is very well pigmented. I find this really pretty. It also felt really nice on my lips. This was also a sold lippie. 

Delight is a liquid lippie that is a sheer peach with lots of gold sparklies. This looks nice as the final layer over a lipstick. I actually like wearing this just by itself for some sparkle. 

Overall I love these lippies, but they aren't my favorite. But i do adore their prices and I will have to experiment more with the lip colors. I love their eye things and I am definitely going to buy lots of eye things from them in the future. I definitely suggest Darling Girl Cosmetics for your future beauty purchases. I know I will! 

P.S. I just ordered tons of new companies to review so there is more to come! Also, i will start doing daily look posts again. Eventually i wanted to do a color comparison post of all my different shadows. =]
P.P.S Do you have any ideas of new companies to try or products? Just let me know what you wanna see and I'll order it. Remember I only want to review independent companies.


  1. You reeeeally should try High Voltage Cosmetics' Lip Whips (if you haven't already ordered from there). I have two and I really like them. I just ordered some lipsticks from there a few days ago as well.

    Hmm... there are lots of great lip balm places on Etsy if you're into those... Oh and if you like Evil Shades lippies you MUST order from Morgana Cryptoria!

  2. i just ordered 3 from high voltage yesterday =] and ive been contemplating Morgana. Darn i need more money!!! so many amazing things out there!