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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Battle of the Primers/Bases Episode 2: VIE Crazy Primer

Hello ladies and gents! Today's episode is all about Virus Insanity Eyeshadow. Again the eye shadow I will be using is Geek Chic Cosmetic's Drood. Just let me say the disclaimers and stuff again:

The Battle of the Primers/Bases are weekly battles where I will show you the wear and tear of a primer/base. Primers that are labeled primers will be left to themselves while bases will have one eye with the base alone and the other with TFSI under the base. I will be taking pictures every 2 hours until the shadow creases to an unwearable state. I will also be sitting in a room where the temperature is approx 65 degrees F.

My eyes are on the slightly oily side, so if a primer/base doesn't work on me, it might work on you. So please do not get discouraged if I use a primer/base that you have been dying to buy and you see that it doesn't work on me. Please?

Let's get to the pictures!!!

As you can see the primer is white, but goes on clear. The primer is slightly sticky. The picture below shows the primer on its own (top of hand) and the color on the primer (bottom of hand). The primer doesn't seem to do much to the shadow.

Initial application (I don't know why there is the white line)

2 hours later. There is a lot of creasing. It doesn't seem noticeable here but it is. After this I took off the shadow and primer.

For me, this was a no-go. It didn't help the shadow and it didn't last too long on my eyes. Next week will be another episode! So stay tuned!


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  1. will definitely stay away from this. looking forward to the next episode!