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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moon Rabbit Cosmetics!

Moon Rabbit Cosmetics is a up-in-coming company that is opening by the end of this month with two Limited Edition Collections. These are her Valentine's Day Collection and her Groundhog Day Collection. After she will open with a spring collection in March.

Pricing - Valentine's Day Full Set - $16
             Valentine's Day Sample Set - $4
             Groundhog Day Full Set - $12
             Groundhog Day Sample Set - $4
             Sample - $1
             Full Size - $4
             Shipping - Not stated

Shadow Amounts - Samples - 1/8 tsp
                             Full Size - 1 tsp

TAT - Not known

Extra - 1 Sample

6 More Weeks of Winter - is a flesh-toned color with slight peach and pink tones. It is really smooth and creamy on the skin. 

6 Weeks Til Spring - is a semi-matte chocolate brown with silver sparklies. It is also very smooth. 

Punxsutawney Phil - is a matte brown. This was fairly smooth. 

O2 - is a matte blue color. This applied fairly patchy but with a little work, it will be perfect. 

Moon Rabbit Cosmetics is making a great start and I'm sure will hit it off. 


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  1. Great swatch pics! I'm excited to do my review, I got this collection too! They look awesome :D