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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Darling Girl Re-review Part 1!

Darling Girl is a really awesome company that has so many different products that are all so amazing its hard not to want their stuff! I especially love the taupes. Taupes are a color I never really liked until just a few months ago. Recently Susan, the owner, was asking around what our dream lip colors were and when I told her my thoughts, she created mine! I was ecstatic and bought one for myself and one for my Giveaway!

Pricing - Samples - 10 for $8
             Petit Jar - $2.25
             Fill Size - $5.50
             Color Shifting Liquid Kisses - $3.50
             Holo-Glosses - $4.75
             Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm (discontinuing) - $4.75
             Kiss You Off Lip Balm (discontinuing) - $4.75
             Liquid Kiss Luxe - $4.75
             Liquid Kisses - $4.75
             Lucious Lip Balm - $3.50
             Blogger/Youtube Sampler - $0.75
             Bye Bye Dry - $6.50
             Dry Oil Spray - $3.99
             Skin Quencher - $5.75
             Lotion Bar Mini - $3.75
             Lotion Bar Full Size (discontinuing) - $8.75
             SALVation Body Balm Mini - $3.85
             SALVation Body Balm Full Size (discontinuing) - $8.25
             Sweet Lips on the Go! - $5.50
             Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub - $4.75
             Superstar Serum - $6.25
             Pixie Sprinkles - $3.00
             Pixie Sprinkles Deluxe - $3.50
             Watercolor Paint Pots - $4.75
             Correcting Concealer Sample - $1
             Correcting Concealer Full Size - $5.75
             Pretty Pampered Primer Powder Sample - $2.50
             Pretty Pampered Primer Powder Full Size - $9.50
             Shipping - $2-$3.50

Shadow Amounts- Samples - 1/8 tsp
                            Petit - 1/4 tsp
                            Full Size - 3/4 tsp  

TAT - 2.5 weeks

Extra - 2 samples
           Gift with Purchase when you order $10+ (before shipping)

These swatches are dry without primer!

Man Candy Blush - is a extremely bright pink blush that blends out really nicely. This is a perfect summer/spring blush for me. 

Dragon's Blood - is an absolutely gorgeous forest green color with gold and green sparklies. It has a slight gold shift! This was my GWP with my first order. 
Dark Crystal - is a dark plum/grey with pink and silver sparklies. I adore this color. 

Lucy in the Sky - is a greyed out blue with a gold shift and some silver and pink sparklies. I love this color.
Verdant Dreams - is a light teal with a ton of light blue sparklies and a slight purple shift. Another amazing color. 

Garden of Weedin' - is a dark green with a gold shift and purple sparklies. A must have in my book. 

Cupid - is from the Darling Deer Collection. It is a semi-sheer purple with pink and purple sparklies. Very pretty. 

Angel Face - is a purple with blue sparklies and a light blue shift. It is awesome. 

Taupe a la Mode - is a taupe with a gold shift and multi-colored sparklies. This was the GWP I got with my second order. 
Cheap Trick - was the custom made lippie for me! It is a lilac with a extremely noticeable light blue shift. The gloss is so smooth and wonderful. Also, after the gloss wears away, it leaves a light pink color with a still noticeable blue shift. 

Darling Girl Cosmetics is an ever growing company that is always adding new products and always motivated to improve. Bit I don't see anything to improve here =]. Susan also has a really awesome collection coming out called Darling Grrl based off of amazing bands. I am extremely excited for this collection and will be purchasing some for sure. 



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  1. Thanks so much Taryn for the awesome swatches and kind words. :)