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Monday, January 9, 2012

Simply Kendra Review!

Simply Kendra is a rather adorable makeup company. They have very gorgeous glittery shadows and when I ran across their site I couldn't help but want some. The company also sells lip balm, lip glosses and blushes.

Pricing - Samples - $1
             3g jars - $3
             5g jars - $5
             Glitter Sample - $1.25
             Glitter Full Size - $3.50
             Glitter Affixer - $5
             Lip Balm - $3.25
             Lip Gloss - $3.99
             Lip Pouter - $4.99
             Blush Sample - $3.50
             Blush Full Size - $7
             Shipping - Orders from $1-$10 - $2
                             $10.01-$39.99 - $3.99
                             $40+ - Free

TAT - 1 week

Shadow Amounts - Sample - 1/8 tsp
                             3g jars - 1/4 tsp
                             5g jars - 1/2 tsp

Extras - 1 sample

These were swatched dry with no primer.

Naughty Librarian - is a satin purple shadow with red and purple glitter. 
Poison Candy-Apple - is a nice bright mint color with lime, red, and some purple sparklies.

Holly Molly - is a satin red shadow with some silver sparklies.
Green Fairy - is a white toned olive shadow with silver shimmer.

Hex - is a semi-matte blueberry shadow with tons of shimmer.

Sea Foam - is an olive shadow with some shimmer.
Giggles McGee - is a sheer light green shadow with some shimmer. 

Starry Night - is a navy shadow with blue sparklies. It applied patchy on bare skin.
Tattooed Woman - is a bright pinky purple shadow with a slight blue shift.

Angel Baby - is a light blue shadow with blue and silver sparklies.
Glitterbot - is a bright blurple with lots of sparklies.

Silly Goose - is a light teal shadow. It was hard to apply on bare skin. 

Simply Kendra is a very sweet company who has lots of colors and some very nice pricing. I love the feeling of their shadows and they are rather pigmented for no primer. Her site is very easy to navigate and very easy to read.  Also Simply Kendra has been included in my Giveaway



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