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Monday, January 9, 2012

Persephone Minerals Swatches!

During the craze of the holidays I decided I needed some Persephone Minerals. Who doesn't? Victoria makes gorgeous duo-chromes so I couldn't help but snag some more pretty things. To see all the pricings and everything check out my original review!

These were all swatched dry with no primer.

Fallen Angel - is another gorgeously gorgeous duo-chrome. This is a really light blue that shifts to a pinky orange. Heaven in an eye shadow. 

Winter Wonderland - is a really pretty ice blue with blue sparklies. It almost has a slight purple shift. 

Silent Night - is a beautiful dark blue shadow with light blue sparklies. 

Chione - is a new absolutely gorgeous product. These can be used not only on the eyes, but on your face! Chione is a white with an intense blue/purple shift with some pink and purple sparklies.

Ceres - is a white with an amazing green shift and some green sparklies.

OMG. I love these so much! These are just so gorgeous. Victoria has outdone herself here. Truly. There are also some Persephone Minerals samples in my giveaway! =]


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