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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Psyche Minerals Review!

So awhile ago I ordered a full jar and some lovely samples from the absolutely gorgeous Psyche Minerals. Unfortunately the first package got lost in the mail but Molly was right on top and we communicated perfectly and she sent out another one within a day. Mistakes happen so i wasn't too upset by it. Now her store is on hiatus for another few weeks. But she usually has a COTW which is where i got my full jar and lots of samples. I ordered a full jar and one sample and i received two extra samples. Now, her jars don't have printed labels but i don't mind that too much. I feel like its more homey and more indie. I would pull up pricing for you but i don't want to get things wrong.

So, onto the review!

*no primer used*

Sea Monster - was the full jar i received and its lovely. Its a teal/green which shines gorgeously in the light. I absolutely adore this color. 
Slime - is a fantastic blue. its very bright and happy and i love it oh so much.
Battle Rex - is a very amazing light green that sparkles super bright. I don't think I'll be able to pick a favorite!
Zap Bird - is a blueish purple that has a fantastic shine. Yea, i can't pick a favorite.

Overall I am extremely impressed with Psyche Minerals. Her colors are gorgeous and different from a lot of the others i own. They are really smooth and buttery and its tough to chose a favorite. I will definitely be purchasing more colors soon! I suggest you take a look and pick out some samples and maybe a full jar. She is going through some reformulations at the moment so things might be a little slow. BUT her shadows are gorgeous and i love them. 


Evil Shades
High Voltage
Dark Heart Designs


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shiro Cosmetics Science Collection SWATCHES!

So I ordered some of the newest collection by Shiro Cosmetics...THE SCIENCE COLLECTION! Based off my favorite videogame franchise Portal. I ordered 7 samples and got 2 extra but 1 was from the Science collection and the other was from the Super Effective collection. But since this is Science collection only I didn't include it.

Here is the swatchfest!!!

*no primer used*

Aperture Laboratories - is a nice pigmented grey with some really nice shimmer to it. 
Huge Success - is a less pigmented grey but has a lot more sparkle to it. 
Still Alive - is a really pretty light green color. I actually thought this was going to be a mint green but this is even prettier then i thought. 

Beta - is a gorgeous forest green color with lots and lots of shimmer. 
Because We Can - is a really nice bright punky pink color with silver sparklies in it. 
Wheeeeeee! - is an pinky orange color with gold sparklies in it. I love this color. One of my favs.

Thinking With Portals - is a nice bright orange with blue shimmer to it. I LOVE IT! This is tied for favorite with A Neat Gun.
A Neat Gun - is a bright blue with and orange shimmer. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Like i said its tied for favorite. 

My overall thoughts on the collection so far is that its absolutely fantastic! The colors are very true to the website description and they are very diverse and pretty. I suggest every picks up some samples and tries this collection as well as some of the others!!!



Psyche Minerals
Evil Shades
High Voltage
Dark Heart Designs


Friday, May 20, 2011

Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics Review!!!

For awhile I impatiently waited for the opening of Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics and when i heard they opened i rushed over to their shop and purchased tons of samples. =] Her samples came in the absolute most adorable packaging ive seen. Also, her Artfire is adorable. Its nice and colorful and nicely laid out. Her samples are $.75 a sample wit shipping being $2 (US) then her full sized jars are $5 with $2 shipping. Now i love the labels on the sample baggies and the baggies are perfect for the price. Her package came promptly and she is fantastic at communicating. So, lets move onto the review!!!

*no primer used*

Versailles - is an absolutely gorgeous bronze color. I am absolutely in loovvee with this color to no end. Its amazing.
Gouttiere - its a fantastic dark green color with some pretty sparkles in it. Its got a forest feel to it which i adore. I really like that it has a matte feel to it too. 
Gardens - is a super duper pretty matte olive grape color. 

von Fersen - is a navy blue color that has some nice sparkle to it. It was slightly patchy applying on my dry skin but that tends to happen with darker colors. 
Dupioni - is an amazing amazing amazing blue. Its not a true blue its slightly lighter than it. which is why i love it. 
Dusty Rose - is one of my favorites of the bunch. Its a light pink with a gold feel to it. I wore this shadow todaii and it love it soo much! It has the most amazing shine to it!  

Damask - is a really pretty teal color with a darker sense to it. I really adore this color. 
Marie - is absolutely stunning. Its a light blue color with a kiss of green. I like the softness of this color. It almost look frosty. This is my favorite of the collection of samples i received!
Masquerade - is a light minty green color that also looks frosty. This has to be my second favorite!

Overall: i am in love love love love love with Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics! Their colors are gorgeous and very different from the others in my vast growing collection. I love all of her colors and hope to try some more soon. Her sample prices are really amazing and she is an really amazing person! I suggest you buy some samples and try her out! 


Psyche Minerals
Evil Shades
Shiro Cosmetics
Dark Heart Designs
High Voltage

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moi Minerals & Cosmetics Review!

So I ordered some samples from Moi Minerals when she had her Random Sample baggie deal. Ordered 1 set (which was 10 random samples) and I received 20 samples!! Now thats a lot of samples! Now, Moi offers a lot more then just eyeshadow. She offers tons more and adds new stuff all the time. But since i got all eyeshadow samples, that is my focus of this review. Her sample baggies were average sized and have a very decent amount of product. Her normal jars range in price from $5-10. For a 5g jar w/ sifter it is $5, for an 8g jar w/ sifter it is $8 and for a 10g jar w/ sifter its $10. By looking in the FAQs i could only find that the 5g jars contain 1-3g of shadow (by weight). I like how the website is laid out but i think it needs some improvement by telling how much in is the bigger jars.

*remember i do not swatch with primer!*

Onto the review!!

Angel Eyes - is a really pretty light pink shimmery shadow. This would make a really nice brow bone shadow. I like shadows like these because they brighten up the eye and make the eye look bigger.
Hi Five - is an orange pink shadow with some nice sparkle to it. It does have some nice shimmer to it too. 
Rockstar Red - reminds me of the color of a red velvet cupcake. It has that rusty red/copper feel to it. I love it. 
Black Raspberry - was a little patchy to apply. It is a reddish purple color. It is more of a matte then the other ones so far. 

Onya - is a really shimmery sheer orange color. Another brightening shade for my eyes. Also orange is in for summer so a nice soft orange would be pretty.
Calla - is a little brighter orange then Onya. This one has more of a yellow to it but is equally as shiny. This one is also pretty sheer.
Golden Rod - is a nice bright yellow with a lot of shimmer and shine. 
Artic Gold - is a really nice bronze/gold color with some nice sparkle to it. 
Cactus - is a really pretty neutral color. This color is a beige with a ton of shine. This is the perfect brow bone color or for a lazy makeup day. or when your meeting your best friends grandparents lol.
Truffle - is slightly darker than cactus. Truffle has more brown in it. Another gorgeous neutral shadow!

Lime Light - is a really nice shimmery lime shadow that is very soft. But i rather like it. 
Buffy - is my favorite of the bunch! it is a really awesome green that is very matte like. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my fav show as a kid. 
Frankenstin - is a olive/dark green shadow. this one is also matte like. 

Ocean Queen - is a silver blue with loads of sparklies. This is another one of my favorite colors. 
Spank Me - is a matte blue that was very patchy to apply. but otherwise i really did like the color. 
Bell Flower - is a mix of Ocean Queen and Spank Me. it is a glitter-matter and is a sky blue color. I love it. 

Fireflies - is a really nice plum purple color with a gorgeous shimmer to it. This is my third favorite color of the bunch.
Voluptuous - is a lollipop grape color with not as much shimmer as the other colors. I really like this color too!

Galaxy - is a nice super sparkly black. This one was also alittle patchy. But it has lots of multi colored sparklies that remind me of the galaxy ( i get it).
Diego - is a dark blue / charcoal shadow that i really like. This is going into the "everyday shadow" section.

Overall I like Moi Minerals & Cosmetics. Some shadows hit a home run while other were an eh for me. I liked that some of the shadows were shimmery and some were matte like. I also liked the diversity of colors. And how none of the colors seemed alike any of the other colors i own. I say if you are looking for a wide range of colors and lots of pretty shimmer. Go check out Moi Minerals and Cosmetics.


On the weight issue!
Ive lost 16 lbs in a month!

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Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics
Psyche Minerals 
Venomous Cosmetics Swatches

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Pretty Zombie Swatches!!!

So i ordered a full jar of Rabies ( love love love this shadow) and I got some extra samples in my package from My Pretty Zombie =]. i received Tarayvonne and Davanh. These are both dark shades.

*remember i dont use primer =]*

So here are the swatches and my thoughts

Tarayvonne- is gorgeous i think this is my favorite shadow on the face of the planet right now. Its so pretty with its navy color and the black and red sparkles. Its amazing. I want a full jar of this now!

Davanh- is a borwn/purple shade depending on the light. It has a really nice shimmer to it.