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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Explanations

Hello! I know it has been awhile. I am officially back in college and I've been working really hard to get the grades that I should be getting. I have also lost the lust to blog as of recently due to some major self issues in my life. I am working through them with the help of therapy from the school but it is rather hard because I don't know exactly what is wrong. I feel broken even though I am happy and I have been happy for the last year and a half. So I am giving my notice for the time being (however long that may be) until I can finally admit that I am stable again. I apologize for the late notice but I will admit my life has taken one of the sharpest turns and then I accelerated too fast and fell off the guard rail then rolled down a hill getting hit by trees and rocks. Now I am beginning to climb back up the hill to try that turn again.

Thank you for your patience.