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Friday, June 29, 2012

Black Rose Minerals Swatches!

Hello Darlings! My internet has been going in and out due to the obnoxious heat so I am taking the neighbors internet for now XD. Thank you neighbors. Today I have for you some Black Rose Minerals swatches! I have some samples from the New Righteous Collex and some of the new blushes!!!

If you don't know, I am a huge giant fan of Adventure Time. It is one of the many things that brought my boyfriend and I together and it makes me laugh when I ma in the worse of moods.

Without further ado (since I am reading a really cool book that I want to get back tooooo)

~these were swatched with no primer and in sunlight~

I adore the Righteousness collection label. 

Finn is a sunflower yellow with gold glitter...JUST LIKE FINN'S HAIR. 

Princess Bubblegum, oh how I wish I was made of bubblegum, is a semi-sheer candy pink.

Now I had a sample of Marceline and a swatch picture of it, but it refused to load. 
Marceline is a grey matte with purple glitter.

Mathmatical is an opaque white with some white and rainbow sparklies. It reminds me a lot of Aromaleigh V.1 Slyph.

Jake is the compliment color to Finn. It is a bright orange with gold glitter. Of course Jake would compliment Finn, they are best friends. 

Now for the blushes I decided I would do I blush brush stroke on the left and a eye shadow brush stroke on the right.
Junkie is a gorgeous coral color with some gold glitter and a little bit of rainbow glitter as well.

Bloody is a blood red (lolz) with lots and lots of rainbow sparklies. 

Radical is a more pink version of Junkie and has lots and lots of gold sparklies. 

I really love these blushes but I wish they were more satiny and less sparkly. But thats my thing. 

I love everything. I will definately be grabbing full sizes of the other two blushes when I run outta my samples. Now, back to reading my new Stephen Hawking book then onto the Hobbit! Then onto my Nook books (I just downloaded a buncha Holly Black books). Since I finished my summer classes, I will be on a reading binge. =P


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Body Needs Swatches!

So, today I am watching What Not to Wear, smothered in Snayke Oyle (no snakes were harmed), finishing up my summer classes (THANK GOODNESS), wanting to read a book, and ready to show some swatches of The Body Needs stuff! Now, I would do a full on review but I am lazy and this store sells so much stuff! But awhile ago I saw they made a MAC Saint Germain dupe. Saint Germain has been on my lemming list (in my mind) for the longest time and I knew I had to get this dupe. While there I saw they had a Nars Orgasm dupe as well, so I grabbed that. Finally I picked up some Blemish Cover to stick in my bag =]

~These picks were taken in sunlight~

Tokyo Pink is a creamy light pink. Unfortunately I don't have Saint Germain to do a comparison but I really like this color. 

The Blemish Cover is really creamy, like almost too creamy. In the picture below I put and smoothed some onto my extreme red KP spots and it took some of the redness away but as you can see not all. I will still stick this in my bag for emergencies but sadly, I don't like this too much. 

On the left is Sinful used with my blush brush and on the right it is used with an eye shadow brush. This blush is actually pretty colorless and is mostly gold shine. I actually don't mind it though. Since I have rather pink cheeks to begin with it brought out their natural color but added some gold sparkle. 

There were some great and not so great things going on, but, for the price it was worth it. I can see myself reaching for Tokyo Rose often and for the blush. Sadly I think the Blemish Cover is too creamy for my oily skin. 

I really want some cake. 


Monday, June 25, 2012

Victorian Disco Review!

Hello! I am finally catching up on my blog posts! I would be swatching right now, but the sun has disappeared behind clouds =/. So I am sitting here, watching Merlin (pretty good show), finishing the last dribble of Coke Zero Vanilla, and trying to figure out what I am bringing on my vacation.
Victorian Disco Cosmetics is owned by a dear friend of mine and I have to admit, I am slowly becoming obsessed with her shadows. Right now her shop is on hiatus until she feels better <3. But lets get on with the review!

Pricing- Samples - $1
            Mini - $2
            Full Size - $4.50
                 Mini - $3.50
                 Full Size - $7.50
                 Sample - $4
                 Full Size - $8

Amounts - Samples - 1/4 tsp
                Mini - approx 1 g
                Full - approx 2 g
                     Mini - approx 3 g
                     Full - approx 6 g
                     Sample - full 5 g jar
                     Full - approx 5.9 ml in tube

Extras - 2 samples

~these swatches were done in sunlight with no primer~

Health Pack is a metallic red color. It reminds me of my hair right now XD.

It's a Trap is a light green with a gold shift. This is such an awesome color. 

The Fett is a plummy color with a slight blue shift. 

Lightsaber is a bright silvery blue. Reminds me of someone's lightsaber who was good XD.

Hunter's Girlfriend (which is one of my favorites at the moment) is a light blue with a silver shift. This color looks amazing with Jockey

Boomer Bile is a dark green with a lighter green glow. I am so excited to wear this as a crease color. 

Fallen Survivor is a bronzey gold color with some pink sparklies. 

Sacrifice is a red with blue sparkles and shift. 

Safe House is slightly darker than Fallen Survivor but has silver sparklies instead. 

Keith's truck is a metallic gold/bronze mix. 

No Mercy is a lighter and less metallic version of Keith's Truck.

Death Star is a charcoal grey with silver sparklies. 

The Force, Use It is one of the most epic colors ever. It is a really light mint green with the most awesome pink shift. 

Double Tap is really dark taupe-y color with blue/silver shifts. 

Jockey is a pink/gold neutral that looks really awesome with my skintone. 

Lightspeed is glitter heaven. It is a black with lots of silver sparklies that make it look metallic.

Emperor is a bright blue matte with some blue sparklies to go with it. 

So, here you have it folks. Now, these colors blend flawlessly. I have been using these colors for two weeks now and I can see some minis or full sizes in my future. I really hope the owner gets better and opens up shop soon! 



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Femme Fatale Cosmetics Review!

So, I actually have some time on my hands. I have been taking two summer coarses (worst idea ever) and have barely had anytime to myself and the boyfriend. The time I did have, I was either walking dogs or reading at the boyfriend's house. My classes end next week so yay! So, right now I am sipping some burning hot coffee, watching Burn Notice, and ready to show you a kick-butt company called Femme Fatale Cosmetics! Femme Fatale is a company based in Australia, how cool! I have heard some pretty epic things from the lovely Luna at Toxid Lotus (review here). I managed to grab a bunch of samples, and I forgot to grab blush! (stupid me).

Pricing - Eyeshadow
                  Samples - $1.10
                  Mini w/sifter - $3.10
                          w/o sifter - $3
                  Full Size - $5.75
                  Sample - $1.10
                  Full Size - $8
             Nail Polish
                  Full Size - $3.75

Shadow Amounts - Sample - 1/8 tsp
                             Mini - approx .8 g
                             Full Size
                                  Eye Shadow - approx 1.35 g
                                  Blush/Illuninator - approx 2g

Extras - 1 sample
Well here are the pretties! ~these are swatched with no primer and in nice sunlight~

Desecration is a pretty plum color with a wicked green shift.

Smokebomb is a really interesting color. It is a brown with a bronzy goldish shift. This would work amazingly in a neutral eye. 

Exorcism is a gorgeous purple with silvery-blue shift. It is quite subtle but awesome. 

Spirit Bond is a dark blurple with a gold shift. 

Frostfire is a bright blue with red, pink, and blue sparklies. 

This one is a sky blue with the most obvious lilac shift. It is really pretty, but I ran into some patchiness. Not to worry though, I did swatch these with no primer XD.

Unholy is the most gorgeous forest green color with a light green shift/glow that makes it the best crease color. 

Polymorph is a awesome taupey neutral with a light green shift...why haven't I used this yet...*goes to find it*

Shadow Dance is a taupey purple that is really awesome. This picture doesn't capture its true beauty.

Oh lordy Burn Notice is rather intense (almost done with season 5). Also, this week will (hopefully) be a big blog week since the boyfriend is gone til Saturday. I would do a cutesy boyfriend post, but I know he reads this blog so not a good idea. He would get embarrassed lol. Oh, back to the review...buy from this company. It is the shiz. Truly. Shipping is really reasonable and fast. =] GO BUY NAO!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Chinovi Cosmetics

I have decaf coffee this time. =] So today/tonight, while watching Iron Chef, I am here to show you an amazing new company that is like...AWESOMESAUCEYBALLS. (that is soooo a word). Chinovi Cosmetics made their launch only a few days back but I was lucky to score some samples before they opened. Even though I didn't blog them =/ Oopsie XD. One thing I must admit is that these colors are gorgeous and their website is awesome! Can I just say now that I will be definitely be purchasing again. No doubts there. 

Pricing - Sample baggie - $1
             Sample clamshell - $1.25
             Full size w/o Sifter - $4.75
             Full size w/ Sifter - $5

Shadow Amounts - Samples - 1/4 tsp
                             Full Sizes - approx. 1.2 g

Extras - 1 sample

PICTURE TIME~~all these were swatched on my plain skin in the pretty, but harmful to my paleness, sunlight

As you can see the ingredients are right there on the label. Nice. 

Hiccup is a nice red/orangey color with golden sparklies. It is almost like a neutral but not. 

Tears is a blue verging on mint that is just so gorgeous. It also have some awesome silver qualities. 

Monster is a blue/purple duochrome that doesn't branch into blurple territory. Even though I love blurples this is just awesome. 

This right here, is a gorgeous forest green/teal-y color that has some gold sparklies.

Excuse me...OMG THIS COLOR. I am in love. Absolutely in love. It is a silvery-blue with a slight green shift. 

This is another dark green/teal-y color that is awesome. 

Rave is a bright purple with pink sparklies in it. Not a color I would normally go for but it is really pretty. 

Troll is the opposite of an actual troll. It is a super pastel lilac with some blue sparklies. 

Finally, Rock on is a deep teal color that has a slight green shift. 

So, if you haven't already, go buy some things! Also these colors are so smooth and easy to apply. I am going to buy more eventually (when money allows). Now I have a caffeine-withdrawal headache and must say ado. Also I must wash my face with my black magic soaps =] I will be writing my first Rant and Rave post sometime this week. There will be lots to say. Ado~~.

<3 Taryn