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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black Rose Minerals Swatches!

I love sales. I'm a bargain buyer. Especially since I'm a college student living in my own money supply now (still unemployed of course...). I've been thinking getting a job would be probably the best idea. But that doesn't matter right now. What matters is the absolute gorgeous things I received from Black Rose Minerals. I ordered these during the 30% off sale. I ordered 20 samples and a mystery set for my upcoming giveaway =]. I love this company. She has such a wide range of shades and a wide range of coverage (sheer-opaque) and she also has all types of shadows (mattes-super glitters). She also has some of my favorite pinks. Now, remember I don't really like pinks. But I adore her pinks. But in this sample order, I ordered mostly blues =P.

Lets see some swatches of magic and love!

Lady - is a pretty light blue color with a gold shine to it. I really love blues like this. 
Lost - is a semi-matte bright blue. 
Marlon - is a dark blueberry color and is also a semi-matte.

Peritwinkle - is a light blue/purple color with a gorgeous pink shift. I really need a full jar of this.
Fawndled - is a really pretty dark tan color. This is really soft. Perfect for autumn.
Lagrimas - is a super light blue/green color. This has some nice shine and sparklies to it. It has light blue sparklies in it. 

Minty - is a super super light green with a silver sheen to it. 
Baccus - look at this. Look at it. It is gorgeous. This pink/purple masterpiece matte. I cannot wait to wear this. 
Daft - this is the ultimate grape lollipop color. So bright! It has a blue sheen to it too!

Sienna - is a mysterious color. One second its a teal. The next its a gold green. Then a gold, then a gold blue. Its an amazing color. I can haz full jar?
Ultraviolence - is a really pretty lilac color. 
Mome Rath - and another pretty pink! Here is a bright fushia semi-matte. I love this color. Its not too in your face pepto pink and it won't make it look like your eyes are diseased. 

Hello, Kitten - is a gorgeous coral color with some gold sparklies. 
Calypso - is a silver/light blue shimmer. It is rather sheer.
Dark Wing - is a dark purple with blue shimmer. It has some blue sparklies as well.

Prozzac - is a really gorgeous light blue with a purple sheen to it. 
Alice - is a bright blueberry color with some blue sparklies in it. 
Silver and Cold - is a dark silver with silver sparklies in it (I love the AFI song btw.). 

A-peal - is a bright yellow like a banana. It also has some yellow sparklies. 
Desserted - is a very subdued pepto pink. It is rather pretty. This is a semi-matte
Liberty - is a dark green with silver sparklies. Perfect for autumn. 

So, they they are, the lovely Black Rose Minerals. I really suggest you give this lovely gem of a shop a look and a buy. She just released her Luciferi Collection for Halloween and it has some absolutely gorgeous colors. 


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A New Chapter...

       So, I was thinking when I hit 10000 views (I am at 8819 at the moment) and 100 followers, I will host a giveaway! I have some Black Rose Minerals already set up and I'm gonna try looking for sponsors. This will not have nail polish so this will be an INTERNATIONAL giveaway for all my lovelies in the UK and Canada and everywhere else =]. What do you guys think?

         Also, after 2 months, I finally get to see my boyfriend! I know, I don't talk about him too much on here but I try to keep this Indie related as much as I can. So here is a recap on my life as of now. I am now a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. Which is 6 hours away from where I used to live in NJ. My boyfriend is still in NJ and I haven't seen him since I left. He got me a really adorable ring and sent me an amazing care package. We plan on getting married eventually.
         I'm adjusting to college life, spending my money on makeup, going on no-buys. I live in a single dorm and my room has Beatles posters, a Domo poster and a Winnie the Pooh poster. I have some stuffed animals (all that my boyfriend gave me (his name is Kevin)). Kevin and I have been dating for almost 7 months now and I am the happiest person in the world with him. I love him more than makeup. He knows I blog and of my makeup obsession. He thinks its cute. I'm wondering if he will read this post. lol But hes the most amazing person on the planet and if you are friends with me on facebook, you can see he is all I talk about (sorry if that is annoying).
         I am in the marching band at Pitt I will be on ABC channel this saturday. It is truly exciting!! National television. Look for me okay? lol Try to? But I did hurt my ankle and I am slowly working back to get it's strength so I can march properly. I'm trying my hardest. Its tough man. But I've lost about 15 pounds doing it. I feel great.
        I would also just like to thank everyone who helped me get to this point in my life. Blogging life, life life. Whatever life. All the people in the facebook groups who always support me, my twitter buddies, Kevin and my friends here and at home. I miss you all and hope to meet you all one day. You always inspire me to strive harder, to be better, and to create some wacky makeup combo. And for that, I thank you. This rant must end eventually so here it goes!

The end. And a beginning of a new chapter in my life.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

FYRINNAE!! I'm only slightly excited..

As a really early bday present (my bday is October 15th) I made an order with Fyrinnae. The last order I made from Fyrinnae was Christmas last year so I was craving another order. I waited til they opened again and when they did I quickly made an order. I barely qualified for the free shipping but it was worth it. The pretties arrived a lot sooner then I thought. I received my pretties in about a week. I giggled and squealed like a 4 year old on Christmas getting a Game Boy Color (that's what I did when I was 4. I was a nerd back then) So here come to pretties!!

Now let me mention that the full jars are so full, I was afraid that when I opened it i was gonna spill everything!

Catrina Cabaret - is a dark grey with pink and purple shifts. Its so amazingly gorgeous.

Curiouser and Curiouser - is a gorgeoues blue which shifts to a light blue/green. Another gorgeous color!

Cupcake Sprinkles - is a light pinky purple with lots of shimmer and some blue accents. Can I just say that I adore this color. 

Blue Whale - is a blue with a huge purple shift. This is so prety. I love it. 

Eternal Innocence - is a green matte color. It was a free sample I received. It was a little too sheer for my taste. 

Dark Magik - is just...fantastic. It is a dark reddish pink with blue sparklies. Absolutely gorgeous. I need a full jar of this.

Chrome - is a really light fluffy metallic silver. You definitely need some PE for this one. This color just wasn't me. 

Delvian - is a blue with some purple sparklies in it. It is rather pretty.

Biker Chic - is a matte black with blue sparklies. I have some colors like this. 

Boytoy - is a fantastic black base color with dark green sparklies and some blue accents.

Darling Misfit - is a dustly pinky blue color (I know this means purple) but it leans for on the pink side. It has a silvery blue shift to it. I also need a full jar of this. 

Bifrost - is a banana yellow with silvery sparklies in it. 

1.22 Gigawatts - is a bright as heck matte blue with silver sparklies. 

Crimson Ghost - is a white that shifts to a pinky red. Its glorious. I wish I could capture the shift. 

So here you have it. My start of building up my Fyrinnae collection. =] I have about...30 more jars to buy, maybe more depending on how much I like the mini jars i get. They are closed at the moment. But I hope they stay open forever. <3


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I know its been awhile...

but its time for a LOTD! I cant even remember the last time I've worn more then one color of eye shadow. I decided to play around with my new Detrivore shadows and made a pretty transition from summer to autumn look.

Things I used:
UDPP in Sin
Detrivore Faithless (inner eye)
Detrivore Cremains (outer eye)
Rimmel Curvy Eyes Mascara
Hard Candy Fox in a Box (bronzer side)
Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Pierced

Thought the bright pinky purple summery color blended into the dark mysterious black grey autumn color would make a cool look.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Detrivore Review!!!

On the final days before my no-buy, I was told by some lovely ladies about a wonderful sale going on at Detrivore, a company that I was dying to try but never had the guts. They ranted and raved about their formula and convinced me to go for their 10 jars for $20 sale. In a little over a week, a package appeared in my dorm post office full of gorgeousness. Their full jars which are 5g jars with sifters are $4 and samples are $1. Their shipping is $3. I adore their website and their GIANT range of colors. They also have Primers, blushes, and face stuffles.

*there is no primer underneath these shadows*

Shroud - is a silver with lots of silver sparklies. I really adore silvers right now. 

Muse - is a light purple with a pink sheen to it. It also has some blue to it. Its so pretty! 

Glacier - is a matte pastel blue. I love it. Its not chalky at all and its awesome. 

Benthos - is a navy matte. My new favorite matte color. its amazing. I want to use this but I need the right outfit. Meh. 

Bog Body - is the perfect color. Its a gorgeous sky blue matte. I wanna wear this with Benthos.  

Cremains - is a dark grey with lots of silver sparklies. Its so beautiful.

Saprophyte - is a light blue/purple with pink and purple sparklies. 

Decomposition - is a bright blue with blue sparklies. 

Faithless - is a gorgeous grape lollipop color (i have way too many of these) but the formula for this is just pure amazingness. 

Hysteria - is a really pretty green with a tint of blue .

Guilty - is a really awesome color. Its a dark tan color with a pink shift. This is such an awesome color. This is my absolute fav neutral ever.

Gengrene - is a silky minty green with some subtle sparklies. 

OVERALL the only conclusion I can come to is: I NEED MORE NOW!!!!! This stuff is amazing. The prices are fantastic, the formula is great, the range of colors is amazing, I just need more. Everyone needs to grab some jars. 


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Psyche Minerals Swatches

I decided to jump on the Heartsy band wagon and I bought a voucher for a company I love. Psyche Minerals. The deal was I pay $10 for $25 of products and I only had to pay $7.65 extra for shipping and an extra jar I bought. The only problem I found with the whole purchase, was I felt that my jars weren't very filled. The sifter took up a lot of room in the jar causing there to not be much product. It only had a little bit more product then what came in a Fyrinnae mini jar. I found this slightly disappointing. Even though it was a "discounted" order I felt like it should have been treated like my original order. Unless that is how all her products are now. I am not saying I had a bad experience with Heartsy, despite how they have allegedly been treating sellers, I had a bad experience with the product packing. Her products are still gorgeous as usual though.

On the left is the Psyche Minerals jar. The right is the Fyrinnae mini jar.

Wing Snake - is a grey blue color with a metallic feel to it. I love this color. Its really awesome and perfect for the upcoming months.

Phonecian Royalty - is a dark purple with some silver and blue sparklies. Its also absolutely gorgeous. 

Retro Pink - is a nice pepto pink with blue sparklies. 

Battle Rex - is a color I do already own a sample of, but its a bright spring green with yellow sparklies. 

Zuum - is a teal with extra green with lots of sparklies.

Enterprise - is a dark blue with some blue sparklies.

Aerith - is one of her new Final Fantasy Shadows. It is a bronzy gold color with lots of blue and holo sparklies. 


Like I said, if the jars were either filled properly, I fell as if I would be happier with this purchase. But I adore all these shadows. And I can't wait to wear them in the fall! I wish she would bring Slime back. I love Slime. 


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