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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Venomous Cosmetics Review!!

Disclaimer-These products i received for free. I promise my review will not be biased because of this reason. 

Earlier last week i received this lovely package from Venomous Cosmetics. Being short on money I email the owner, Tracy, and asked for some samples. But i only asked for about 3 since I'm not a big time blogger like some others who have reviewed Venomous. To my extreme surprise she sent me so much I jumped! I received 6 of bag samples of loose shadow, a mini lipgloss, 3 pressed samples, 2 full pressed shadows, and a full jar of loose shadow.
These are the pressed shadows and the lipgloss
Cobalt Blue is a matte like blue color.
Sea Urchin is a purpley pink color that almost has a blue sheen to it. This is my favorite of the pressed shadows.
Tazelwurm(sorry misspelled in the picture) is a nice pink color. The website says it has a purple shift. But i didn't really see it. 
Wandering Spider is a dark pink almost red color. This does have a light pink shift in certain light.
Mermaid is a green color with a slight blue shift and a gold touch. I feel the website didn't describe the green too accurately. Its more of a normal green then a dark sea foam green. 
Djinn was the lipgloss i received and its marvelous. It goes on nice and smooth and is really soft on the lips. I didn't think I would like the color at first but i grew on me really quick. It is a neutral gold color on me that shines a ton. 

My only problem with the pressed shadows is without a base the shadow goes everywhere. But that is because i did not use a primer. 

Now on to the loose shadows!
Stiletto Snake is a matte black which didn't feel all the special to me.
Blue-Ringed Octopus is a nice light blue color that has a really nice blue shimmer. 
Eyelash Viper was a nice bright yellow with almost a pastel feel. 
Alien is a gorgeous minty green color with a nice goldish sparkle feel. This is my favorite color from the loose shadows.
Sea Krait is a little lighter than Blue-Ringed Octopus. This one has more of a pastel feel and less shine to it. 
Boomslang is a really pretty sea foam green. It isn't the same as Alien but Boomslang doesn't really have a shift to it. 
Man O' War was the full jar i received. Now, this picture doesn't do this shadow justice. Man O' War is a purple blue that has the perfect balance of sparkle and color. 

Overall I really like Venomous Cosmetics. The only problem i found was that some of their descriptions were a little off from what i can see. But everyone sees things differently so thats not too bad. Now, I did receive these for free by just emailing her about being a blogger. But i really do want to purchase some of her other stuff. I really want to try more of her Lip Poisons. I suggest you check out this upcoming star of a company!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

BFTE Cosmetics Swatches!

So at BFTE they were having a cute little sale like thing where you get a full jar and 4 mini jar samples for $10. I was so excited that i instantly bought it! I ordered Green Apple (full size), Grape, Bing, Love Potion #9, and Wasted Time. I even got a cute little baggie sample of Bluebird.

Green Apple is a bright green with green sparklies which are really pretty. This was the full jar i purchased.
Love Potion #9 is a really nice plum color with red and purple sparklies in it. 
Grape is a lollipop grape color that i love to death!!!
Wasted Time is a dark blue/purple with multicolored sparklies.
Bing is a gorgeous forest green with green and yellow sparklies.
Bluebird is a bright bright blue with some blue sparkles. 

I cant even chose a favorite!!!! I love them all so much!!!


WnW Experiment Week 2

So here is week 2 of my experiment!!


Week 1

Week 2

So i finally noticed some lengthening in my lashes =] 
The last picture was even after me crying all day. I have had alot less lash fallout.

So im pretty happy about the way this is goin.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Shadow Collection Part 2!

So todaii im gonna swatch all of my yellow, gold, coral, and orange shadows!!!!!

1. Shiro Cosmetics Yatta
From the Kawaii Shadow Collection
2. Venomous Cosmetics Eyelash Viper
3. Sarah's Naturals Light Buttercup
4. Dark Heart Designs Crash Love
5. DHD Carnival Queen

6. Kat Von D Sugar Skull
From the Memento Mori palette
7. Urban Decay Honey
8. DHD Pumpkin King
So far unreleased
9. Shiro Cosmetics Charmander
10. DHD Fool's Gold
11. DHD Tequila Sunrise

12. Face Candy Couture Cinnamon
13. High Voltage Kiss and Makeup
14. Candy Sweet Treats Bounce
15. Sarah's Naturals Just Peachy
16. DHD Coral Fang
17. Geek Chic Cosmetics Portal Orange

My favorite Yellow is:
DHD Carnival Queen

My favorite Gold is:
Shiro Cosmetics Charmander

My Favorite Coral/Orange is:
Face Candy Cinnamon and DHD Coral Fang(better pictured up top)

Favorite OVERALL:
DHD Carnival Queen

Easiest to apply:
Sarah Naturals

Hardest to apply:
Urban Decay


Gonna be updating alot this weekend so watch out!!

Vicious Cosmetics Mini Review!!

So i saw on Etsy that Vicious Cosmetics had a cute little $.99 for 3 samples so i hopped right on that and ordered me my set of 3! They came in clamp shells which tend to spill alot...but thats okay! I ordered 8-Bit, Scuba, and Fresh N' Clean.

Fresh N' Clean is a really nice blue/green color with alot of shine to it. In the light it shines a nice white color but without light it looks teal.
Scuba is a really really pretty pastel green color with green sparklies. It even has a little tint of blue to it if u look at it close enough. 
8-Bit is a black with tons of multi colored sparkles. When i opened the clamp it was sparkle heaven. So if you like sparklies this is what u want.

Overall I really like what i got from Vicious Cosmetics. The shadows went on pretty easily and they are nice and bright even without primer. Be careful though, some of her shadows are not eye safe and she clearly points them out! so make sure u look! I would definitely buy from Vicious again. If only i had the money!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Upcoming Reviews and More!

Hey lovelies! I wanted to let you know that when i hit 50 followers (i have bout 30 right now) I will be hosting my first giveaway! I have first and second prizes waiting =] But i wanna know what else you want me to attempt to buy! So far i have Zoya nailpolishes for both first and second place. Also i have a BFTE order and another High Voltage order of a new Lip Candy (the one i requested =]) Also, i have samples coming in from Venomous Cosmetics =]=]=] I cant wait!! Also i have more parts of my color swatches coming up!!! So i just gotta wait for it!


Friday, January 21, 2011

My Shadow Collection Part 1!

I know I've been sayin I would swatch all my shadows by color (mineral or non) eventually. So, since I'm home from school todaii and sick. I thought I would start with my neutral colors. I prolly have the least amount of neutrals because i usually dont wear them and i dont buy as many. I will wait til i get my order from BFTE before i do any other colors (cuz i didnt order any neutrals from them).

1. Clinique Touch Tint for Eyes in Pink Sheen
You can barely see it on me, which is why i put it as a neutral, not a pink. 
2. MAC Pigment in Jigs & Jive 
This is from the Tartan Tale Collection
3. MAC Pigment in Shimmertime
4. MAC Pigment in Naked
From the Tartan Tale Collection
5. Kat Von D Shadow in Meditation
From the Memento Mori Palette
6. Urban Decay Shadow in Shag
7. DHD shadow in Transparent
8. DHD shadow in Clean Slate
9. DHD shadow in Dirty
10. Darling Girl Cosmetics shadow in Landry
From her Hello Kitty Collection
11. Moonrise Studios shadow in Haute Cocoa
12. Darling Girl shadow in Eye Candy 1
From her surprise shadows
13. Darling Girl shadow in Eye Candy 2
From her surprise shadow
14. Urban Decay Shadow in Underground

My favorite out of all of these would have to be:
DHD in Clean Slate. 

My least favorite would have to be:
Clinique in Pink Sheen.

The easiest to put on:
The Darling Girl and DHD shadows

The hardest to put on:
The Urban Decay Shadows

Hope you enjoyed my Collection Part 1!


Zoya +WnW = Heaven 2

I decided to try out another one of my new Zoya Polishes. This one os Loredana. This is a matte gunmetal color that is really awesome! I decided to add my WnW Party of 5 Glitters to the tip on one nail. I've never been to great wit puttin on nail polish. So sorry bout the excess round my nails. But this is a really awesome shade and it will be part of my first giveaway (cuz i have an extra one that i dont need)



WnW Experiment Week 1

So todaii is the one week for my WnW Lash serum experiment.


 I havent seen too much of a difference yet. My lashes are a lil longer and i havent had too many lashes fallout. But the serum causes my eyes to water right after i put it on and my eyes got a little red after i applied it the first few times. Also I've noticed that my lashes now hold curl all day. Idk if its the serum that did it but they hold curl!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Companies I'm Dying to Try!!!

After a month of buying tons and tons of mineral makeup. I still want more!!!! There are sooo many companies I've been wanting to try but i have a lack of money. I would love free samples lol. But I'd rather buy them so i can support the companies.

I WANNA TRY (in no particular order)

Morgana Cryptoria

Detrivore Cosmetics

Silk Naturals


Heavenly Naturals

Sassy Minerals

Glamour Doll Eyes (website is down atm)

Suds N Sass

Venomous Cosmetics - is now getting sent some samples =]

TKB Micas

GlamRock Cosmetics

Cake Minerals

Concrete Minerals

Rock a Betty Beauty

Geek Bliss

Brazen Cosmetics

My Pretty Zombie

Spectrum Cosmetics

Psyche Minerals

Living Dead Grrl

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

Lost in Makeupland

Persephone Minerals

I wish i had more money to get samples to review!!! Sooo many things I want. And i want tons more from the other companies i've already bought stuff for!!! GAHHH lol ok rant over

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sarah's Naturals Swatches and Review!!!

So a few days ago i recieved some samples from this cute little Etsy company called Sarah's Naturals. I ordered 3 shadow samples and 2 liner samples. I ordered Just Peachy, Light Buttercup, Rosy as shadow and Black Cherry and Envy as eyeliners.

Just Peachy is what it is. An amazingly pretty peach color that is really pigmented (i dont put primer under my swatches)
Light Buttercup is a really pale yellow that has a pretty shimmer to it. It is a little yellower than my skin color. 
Rosy is a pretty pink color that has pink sparklies and has a nice sheen to it. 
Black Cherry is a mineral eyeliner that has red sparklies. It went on kinda unevenly but it prolly should be used in a thinner line, not the thick line i used. 
Envy is my favorite. It is also a mineral eyeliner. It is a bright vibrant green that has green sparklies and a perfect sheen. I might use this more as a shadow than a liner.

Overall I really like Sarah's products. Most of them went on really smoothly and had a very nice pigment to them. I suggest you try their samples like i did. I will definitely use Envy alot. You can try 5 samples for $2.50 plus shipping. 
You can also get 5g jars for $5 plus shipping. 


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

High Voltage Cosmetics Swatches and Review!!

So todaii i reveived 7 packages!!! thats alot! but i decided that I would first swatch and review the lovely lovely Jasmine at High Voltage Cosmetics. We have been talking on twitter for weeks now and I couldn't wait to receive my order! I ordered 3 lippies, 9 samples (got 2 extra) and a full jar. Now for some pics and fun!

All Shook Up is an amazing pink color that would work perfectly as a highlighter. 
Glam Rock is a navy matte that is really really purrty. 
Break the Ice is a really sparklie white shadow. It almost has a blue tint to it. 

Detroit Rock City is a pretty sky blue that has a nice shimmer to it.
#1 Crush is a dark gray/green that i am absolutely in love with. I would love using this wit Detroit City in a look. Maybe I'll use it tomorro.

Dark Romance is a black shadow with a green tint in it. It is a glitter matte =].
Ice Sculpture is a beautiful periwinkle color that i love to death right now. 
Big Spender (named after my favorite show tune) is a nice light blue color. 
I love blues.

In the Lime Light surprised me. It is a really pretty forest green color that would look really pretty with Frost Bite.
Frost Bite is a light teal color has some green sparklies in it 

New Skool is my favorite of the bunch. It is a mint green color that i love love love love. I want a full jar now!!
Kiss & Makeup is the full jar i bought. It is a dirty peach color that shines on and on. 

I also ordered 3 lippies.
New Rose is a dusty pink that is really pretty. I'm loving this color. 
Alter Ego is a bright purple lippie that is definitely different then the other purple lippies I own.
Pyromania is a burnt orange color that i love to death. 
btw i put on New Rose to test the staying power and I've been eating and its still mostly there =]

Until February 1st, High Voltage has everything 30% off!!! 
Overall I really suggest u order from her. She always has a sale or a BOGO option. Her prices are really reasonable and her full jars are filled to the brim. Jasmine is an amazing person and her products are just as amazing. I think I'm gonna order a full jar of some of these shadows when i get the money. I really want New Skool, In the Lime Light,  Ice Sculpture, and Big Spender! And i want a ton more samples =]
I am sorry to state that I can no longer support this company. This absolutely pains me to say this since I used to be so close to Jasmine. There have been a series of unfolded events that have opened my eyes to some unsettling news and I can no longer support someone who takes such actions with a company. I am truly sorry.
P.S. got tons for to do!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kawaii Shadow Swatches!!!

So i finally got my Kawaii Shadow Set from Shiro Cosmetics I've been dying for! Ive been wanting a pastel set to off balance all my brights that i have. Since so many people have done reviews and things on them. I thought I would be lazy and show off some swatches on my pale pale skin =]
I also got 2 samples. One of Link which i love! and Butterfree which was a little muted for my tastes but i didnt put any primer under my swatches so we will have to see. 
My favorite of the Kawaii Set wouldhave to be Desu and Banzai. I love all of them dearly and i can't wait to use them to add little color dots to dark shadows or to smooth my brights! 
Also, I went to Sephora and picked up TFSI! I've never used it before so i will have to try it todaii! Also i was upset that Sephora didnt have my Clinique Chubby Sticks. I wanted to try one so bad and i asked the lady and she said they arent getting them in that store for awhile. I was upset. Oh well maybe next time. I would get em online but they are sold out!!!
I think I will also be doing a color comparison post when all my orders come in. I should prolly stop ordering stuff so i dont have to keep waitin...lol i cant stop buying!! I will also put in my non mineral shadows to compare too! 
P.S. I want sushi still. I love all sushi now! must have moooorrree!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Zoya +WnW = Heaven

SO i just got one of my Zoya orders =] My second one should be coming soon =]. In this order I got Kelly, Elodie, and Loredana. Now since i'm not a fan of pink I thought I wouldnt like Elodie. Boy was I wrong! It is the perfect color for me! It is not to muted of a pink but not too in your face pink either. It has a cute peach tint in it as well. I decided to add my new WnW Party of Five Glitters polish on top of it. I picked this up at Walgreens with my megalash serum.

I actually really like these two together. Also Elodie took about 3 coats to make it totally opaque and i used only one swoop of Party of 5 Glitters. 
I hope you like this cuz im in love with both of these!!!


P.S. When i get my second set of Zoya polishes. Im getting duplicates so thats how I'm gonna start my giveaway with! I will get some other stuff but the Zoya Polishes in Loredana and Kelly will be part of my giveaway!!

1000 hits!

Wow I never thought I would make it this far but im at 1000 hits!!! I wanna thank you all from the bottom of my hear! Now I've only been blogging for a lil over a month. I have almost 45 posts 22 followers and now 1003ish hits!!! I'm all smiles!!! But i want to send all my love to Jasmine at High Voltage for all the tragic stuff thats been going down. All my love is sent to you!!! I love her dearly and i hope she gets better soon wit all my heart! <3


P.S. I'm craving some Venomous Cosmetics!
P.P.S Shiro Kawaii shadow swatches coming up asap!

Twisted Moon

Here is another lovely DHD look!!!
I used
DHD in Twisted Metal and Killer Moon
Bare Essentials All Weather Mascara

I put Killer Moon near the lash line and the put Twisted Metal all around it!

Hope you like it!!


P.S. Kawaii Shadow set swatches coming up!!!

WnW Experiment!

This week WnW was 50% off at Walgreens! So, i got excited and only ended up buying 3 things but i got em for $6! But I decided to try out the Megalash Growth Serum for Lashes. So, i decided to try a little experiment and document my lashes and how this stuff treats em! 

My naked lashes!!! Now they might look strong but my lashes are kinda brittle and hate curling!

The bottle is kinda tiny. It only has .17 fl of product. Also I will be using this like the directions say: once in the AM and once in the PM. The applicator is a small firm brush. 

So every week i will take a picture and note any problems or anything that really happens along the way!!!


P.S. Im gonna add labels to all my posts so its a lil easier to figure some stuff out! Also, more to come!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Pop Art here and there can't hurt!

This morning I wasn't wearing all black. Which is surprising. I was wearing a flowery shirt so I decided to wear some pop art makeup with it! I used all DHD shadows cuz i love them soooo much!
Things I used:
DHD shadows in Rave, Pink Nights, and Cotton Candy
Evil Shades Deviant Lippie in Ardour
MAC Cream Base in Virgin Isles
Essence Goes on and on Mascara

Hope you like it!!



I know it doesn't sound like that much but i have 20 followers!!! I hope one day I will get over 100. Also, I will be finding some lovely things to host my first giveaway with!!! <3



Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Check out my lovely Kimmie!

Kimmie is one of my best buddies in the makeup world! And i suggest you all check her out on her site: http://kimmiekarmalove.blogspot.com/


P.S. cant wait for my stuff!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetic Surprise!

Only a week ago I ordered 2 "candy jars" from Darling Girl Cosmetics. They were only a dollar so who could resist! i got 2 of em =] The Eye Candy were in jars so its a great buy for a decent amount! Then i even got 2 samples from DG's upcoming Hello Kitty Collection! I received Eye Candy 1, Eye Candy 2, Landry (Hello Kitty) and Charmmy Kitty (Hello Kitty).

Eye Candy 1 is a very nice neutral. Its only a little darker than my pale skin but i always need more neutrals for when I'm lazy and don't wanna go 50 miles for a makeup look.
Eye Candy 2 is darker then the first one and is also a little purpler. 
Landry is a brown purple color that would match well with Eye Candy 1 and 2
Charmmy Kitty is a sheer red lip that is extremely smooth on (I'm wearing it now). This would look great over a red lipstick to make it shine!

I am really happy with these colors!!! Even though this isn't a review, i really like all i got =] Don't miss out on DG cosmetics!


Taupe Experiment!

I was on twitter looking for what look i should wear when Wendy and Kimmie came to the rescue! They both agreed on taupe to be my experimental lotd. So, taupe...i thought..i dont own any taupe! but too my surprise when i combined DHD (dark heart designs) Dirty and my MAC Jigs&Jive make an amazing combo! And this time i managed to get a full face picture!
I used
MAC Jigs&Jive
MAC Blue Brown
MAC Naked
(these are all pigments btw)

 And cuz Kimmie said blues i decided to addddddd....

Kat Von D Mascara in Techno

Finally i put on my MAC Virgin Isles Cream Base
MAC Dare to Wear Lipglass in Exxx-hibitionist!


P.S. in like 15 minutes im gonna be doing a swatch on my surprises from Darling Girl Cosmetics

Sunday, January 9, 2011

KimmieKarmaLove look!

So last night i had a date wit my first boyfriend in about a year. It was a lot of fun. We went out to dinner and then watched Star Wars =] But thats not the point. I decided to go wit a nice look that wasnt too crazy...as some of the other looks I've done. So i grabbed my favorite shadows from Dark Heart Designs(three part review of all her shadows here here and here): Starstruck, Coral Fang, Paparazzi, and Dirty Diana (unreleased) and started going! I even got a chance to try my MAC Chromaline in black, MAC Virgin Isles Cream Base as a blush and my new new new MAC Exxx-hibitionist Dare to Wear lipglass. Sorry i couldnt get a full face picture by the time i finshed up wit my hair i was already late XD. So here is my look thanks to the help of KimmieKarmaLove <3.
 so many samples!! they are in all little baggies.

I used Coral Fang on the whole lid, Starstuck and Paparazzi on the brow bone, and Dirty Diana on the crease and to blend into Coral Fang. <3
before the Chromaline

The picture came out a little pinker but thats Exxx-hibitionist on me. It looks more coral in real life.

I love my Essence False Lash mascara.
all finished =]

P.S. i hope my other orders are coming soon! cant wait!!!!