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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog Sale!!


Hello everyone! I have a special treat for you today! I have some pretty things to sell to you. Now I will update this as time goes on. THIS IS NOT INTERNATIONAL. Sorry. UPDATED WITH LOWER PRICES! I need this stuff gone before I move out of my dorm =].

Shipping starts at $2.50 for the first item. Then for every other item (up to 5) the shipping will increase by $0.50. These will all be shipped in a padded flat rate envelope. After you reach 6 items I will ship it in a priority box for $5.50.

China Glaze Cracked Concrete - used 2x - $4   $2
L'oreal Eiffel for You - BN - $5  $2
Essie Naked Truth - used 2x - $5  $2
Chi Copper color - used 1x - $4  $2

Color Club Covered in Diamonds - used 2x - $3  $2
Savvy Touch of Glitter - used 1x - $1  Free with purchase of 1+ items

Sally Hansen Distressed Denim - used 2x - $3  $2
Sally Hansen Cherry Smash - used 1x - $3  $2

Picture Polish Sky - swatched - $8  $5
Zoya Kirsten - used 1x - $4  $2 (pending)
Essie Coat Azure - used 2x - $5  $3 SOLD
L'oreal Now You Sea Me - used 1x - $5  $2

China Glaze Re-freshmint - used 3x - $3 (Pending)
Wet N' Wild Jungle Fever (LE) - BN - $1  $0.50 (pending)
Milani Bolting Blue - used 3x - $1.50  $0.50
Zoya Kelly - used 3x - $3  $2 (pending)

Color Club Alias - used 1x - $4  $2
Sally Hansen Mod About You nail stickers - BN - $8 (pending)
Sally Hansen Tattoo Much nail stickers - BN - $8 (pending)
Revlon Popular - used 1x - $4  $2


Perfume set #1 Includes Detrivore Cosmetics - Glass Coffin and Bon Temps, OHWTO - Exhume, and Haus of Gloi - Apothacary - $6  $4

Perfume Set #2 Morbid the Merrier - Brom, Ichabod, Katrina, Lion Tamer - $6  $4


Geek Chic Geekily Ever After set - $17  $10

Aromaleigh V.1 Loved and Lost - used 1x - $4  $2
Aromaleigh V.1 Lychee - used 2x - $4  $2
Aromaleigh V.1 We're All Mad Here - used 1x - $4  $2

Detrivore Cosmetics Faithless - swatched - $3  $2
Scardey Cat Cosmetics Purple color - usage unsure but it is still pretty full - $2  $1 SOLD
Scardey Cat Cosmetics blue - usage unsure - $2  $1 SOLD
Detrivore Cosmetics Guilty - used 1x - $3  $2

My Beauty Addiction Sea Breeze - swatched - free with purchase of 3+ items
MAC Shimmertime pigment (moved from vial to jar) - used 3x - $5  $3
Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Crazy Primer - used 2x and cleaned - $2  $1

Facebomb Cosmetics Diamond Eyes - swatched - $4 $3
Facebomb Cosmetics Straglehold - swatched - $4 $3
Facebomb Cosmetics K.O. + extra sample - swatched - $4.50  $3
Facebomb Cosmetics Poe - swatched - $4  $3

Mac Jigs and Jive (moved from vial to jar) - used 1x - $7 $5

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk (4x) - $2 Free with purchase of 3+ items (pending)
Audacious Asphalt (swatched) - $3.50 $2
 Tough as Taupe (1x) - $3  $2

To purchase any of these please comment below. This comes by a first come first serve basis! Have fun!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

VIE Valentine's Day Swatches!

Hello again! Even though Valentine's Day is over and gone, but these are pretty and I want you to see him! So here they are!

Price - buy a trio for $14
           shipping - $5 for full size
                          $3 for samples

Shadow Amounts - approx 0.5 g

Extras - 1 sample

A pretty sky blue with a purple shift. 

A pinky-purple with a light blue shift.

A dark teal with a green shift.

These are some really awesome colors! You can still purchase these along with their other awesome colors here!


Battle of the Primers/Bases Episode 4! de Leon!

*Looks shadily from side to side and yawns* OH HEY THERE! I feel horrible about my long absence but not horrible about this primer! I received this from the lovely de Leon herself. She own an Australian Indie Company which carries the cutest lippies and one amazing primer. Now even though I just gave away this post but oh well! Same as always I will be using Geek Chic Cosmetics Drood.

Disclaimer fun:

The Battle of the Primers/Bases are weekly battles where I will show you the wear and tear of a primer/base. Primers that are labeled primers will be left to themselves while bases will have one eye with the base alone and the other with TFSI under the base. I will be taking pictures every 2 hours until the shadow creases to an unwearable state. I will also be sitting in a room where the temperature is approx 65 degrees F.

My eyes are on the slightly oily side, so if a primer/base doesn't work on me, it might work on you. So please do not get discouraged if I use a primer/base that you have been dying to buy and you see that it doesn't work on me. Please?

Initial application. 

2 hours later. No creasing or oiliness whatsoever. 

4 hours after initial. Still no creasing!

6 hours after application and after an intense hour of sweaty exercise. Still none!!!

8 hours after initial. Just some slight fading but no creasing! 

I found that this started creasing after about 14 hours, but only slightly. The primer itself is a milky white color but applies nice and clear. It feel like a lotion when applied but dries nice and solid. This works best on me if I apply it and then wait about a minute for it to dry then apply the shadow. This works amazingly on matte and shimmery shadows. It does not catch glitter well though. I usually use this everyday and it works like a charm. I suggest you buy it! Like seriously. You can buy it here


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Giveaway Winner!!

Hello! Long time no talk. My second giveaway ended the other day and here is the winner!


The winner is....

Yay!!! Congratz! I will email you asap!!! Thank you to everyone who participated and I will start hoarding for my next giveaway soon.