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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moon Rabbit Cosmetics!

Moon Rabbit Cosmetics is a up-in-coming company that is opening by the end of this month with two Limited Edition Collections. These are her Valentine's Day Collection and her Groundhog Day Collection. After she will open with a spring collection in March.

Pricing - Valentine's Day Full Set - $16
             Valentine's Day Sample Set - $4
             Groundhog Day Full Set - $12
             Groundhog Day Sample Set - $4
             Sample - $1
             Full Size - $4
             Shipping - Not stated

Shadow Amounts - Samples - 1/8 tsp
                             Full Size - 1 tsp

TAT - Not known

Extra - 1 Sample

6 More Weeks of Winter - is a flesh-toned color with slight peach and pink tones. It is really smooth and creamy on the skin. 

6 Weeks Til Spring - is a semi-matte chocolate brown with silver sparklies. It is also very smooth. 

Punxsutawney Phil - is a matte brown. This was fairly smooth. 

O2 - is a matte blue color. This applied fairly patchy but with a little work, it will be perfect. 

Moon Rabbit Cosmetics is making a great start and I'm sure will hit it off. 


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Battle of the Primers/Bases Episode 2: VIE Crazy Primer

Hello ladies and gents! Today's episode is all about Virus Insanity Eyeshadow. Again the eye shadow I will be using is Geek Chic Cosmetic's Drood. Just let me say the disclaimers and stuff again:

The Battle of the Primers/Bases are weekly battles where I will show you the wear and tear of a primer/base. Primers that are labeled primers will be left to themselves while bases will have one eye with the base alone and the other with TFSI under the base. I will be taking pictures every 2 hours until the shadow creases to an unwearable state. I will also be sitting in a room where the temperature is approx 65 degrees F.

My eyes are on the slightly oily side, so if a primer/base doesn't work on me, it might work on you. So please do not get discouraged if I use a primer/base that you have been dying to buy and you see that it doesn't work on me. Please?

Let's get to the pictures!!!

As you can see the primer is white, but goes on clear. The primer is slightly sticky. The picture below shows the primer on its own (top of hand) and the color on the primer (bottom of hand). The primer doesn't seem to do much to the shadow.

Initial application (I don't know why there is the white line)

2 hours later. There is a lot of creasing. It doesn't seem noticeable here but it is. After this I took off the shadow and primer.

For me, this was a no-go. It didn't help the shadow and it didn't last too long on my eyes. Next week will be another episode! So stay tuned!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Battle of the Primers/Bases Episode 1: No Primer!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Battle of the Primers/Bases! I decided that this week's battle will be no primer! None at all. The shadow I chose for these battles is Geek Chic Cosmetics Drood. It is a bright creamy orange with gold sparkles. This shadow is perfect for these battles because it is bright and has glitter so you can see how the primers/bases can hold color and glitter as the day goes on.

The Battle of the Primers/Bases are weekly battles where I will show you the wear and tear of a primer/base. Primers that are labeled primers will be left to themselves while bases will have one eye with the base alone and the other with TFSI under the base. I will be taking pictures every 2 hours until the shadow creases to an unwearable state. I will also be sitting in a room where the temperature is approx 65 degrees F.

My eyes are on the slightly oily side, so if a primer/base doesn't work on me, it might work on you. So please do not get discouraged if I use a primer/base that you have been dying to buy and you see that it doesn't work on me. Please?

Ok! Onto the battle!

For about 4 hours, I tested my lids with just shadow and no primer.

This is right after I applied the shadow. 

This is 2 hours later. As you can see, there is a noticeable creasing already.

4 hours after the initial application, there is very noticeable creasing and now to me, this look is unwearable. 

So, there you have it folks! The first Battle of the Primers/Bases! Make sure you tune in next Sunday for the second episode of Battle of the Primer/Bases!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Battle of the Primers/Bases!

One day I was thinking about "How to primers and bases, (mass media, indie, drugstore) compare to eachother?" Then I had the idea of doing a Battle of the Primers/Bases.

The logistics: Every weekend after this one, I will be choosing two primers/bases and putting them against each other! But you have a say as well. If you really want to see two primers against each other, leave a comment and tell me! 

The Primers/Bases for Battle:

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurence
  • Bad B*tch Cosmetics Primer
  • Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Primer
  • Evil Shades Spectrum Pots
  • Lucky107 Primer
  • Concrete Minerals Primer
  • Tick: Tock Cosmetics Infinity Base
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil
  • Spectrum Cosmetics Primer
  • No Primer
  • *EDIT I just ordered*
  • NYX Shadow Base
  • NYX High Def Shadow Base
  • Cover Girl Intense Shadow Blast
  • Pallado Herbal Eyeshadow Primer
  • LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer and Base
  • Ulta Extreme Wear Eyeshadow Primer
  • *EDIT I got more!*
  • L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo
  • More to come!
The Disclaimer: My eyes are on the oily side so what might not work for me might work for you since your eyes aren't mine. Also I am taking pictures every two hours with the same shade for probably 8-10 hours. No touch-ups will be done. 

I'm rather excited to do this! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tick:Tock Cosmetics Review!

Tick: Tock Cosmetics is a company I have come to love. Even before I created swatches I fell in love with the shifts in the shadows and the colors themselves. They are also coming out with a mineral veil and new lip glosses.

Pricing - Samples - $0.70
             Full Size - $4.75
             Infinity Eye Shadow Base - $4
             Clearance - $3.95
             Shipping - $3

Shadow Amounts - Samples - 1/8 tsp
                             Full Size - approx 1 tsp.

TAT - 1.5 weeks

Extras - 2 samples

All swatches are dry without primer.

Delorean - is a nice grey with blue sparklies. 
Stop ...Zombie Time - is a bright lime green with blue sparklies. It is such an awesome color!

Back to the Future - is a dark green with gold sparklies. I am a sucker for dark greens lately and this is such a pretty dark green it almost has a hint of blue in it to make it unique. 
Methulsela - is a silvery purple with holo sparklies. It is gorgeous!

Decay - is my favorite out of all of these. It is a green with red, pink and purple sparkles. It is truly gorgeous. 
Zombie Baby - is another favorite. It is the perfect light teal with pink sparklies. It is such a cute color. 

Outbreak of Epic Proportions - is a pinky purple color with red and purple sparklies. 
Tempus Fugit - is a greyed blue with multi-colored sparklies. Another extremely pretty color. 

Clepsydra - is a dark blue with silver and pink sparklies. 
Undead Princess is a bright teal with gold sparklies. 

Happy Hour - is a yellow with an intense blue shift. This is such an interesting color! 

Sexy Time - is a very dark teal with blue sparklies. It was slightly hard to apply but thats nothing a little primer won't fix!
Frozen in Time - is a white shadow with blue and grey shifts. This is a fantastic shadow. 

Tick: Tock Cosmetics is a fairly new company but has tons of ideas! I have mostly full sizes of all the swatched colors and I just ordered more =P. I adore their colors and this company. If you haven't bought any, you might want to! Also their Infinity Eyeshadow Base will be featured in one of my upcoming Battle of the Primes/Bases (which will be explained soon). Also don't forget to enter my Giveaway! It includes some Tick: Tock samples!


Grimm Beeware Look!

OMG I feel horrible that this has taken me forever to do! This is the second Grimm collaboration with the lovely Cassia Hills at Trinity Designs! My epsisode was Beeware. Now, I'm not entirely sure which Grimm story this is from but the episode was crazy!

I decided to make a evil cartoony bee. =]

Things I used:
Detrivore Glacier - matte light blue eyeshadow
Facebomb K.O. - shimmery yellow
MAC Carbon - matte black with silver sparkles
Essence Liquid Liner Black - on the lid
Essence Crystal Liner Dazzling Silver - glitter
MAC Fluidline Black Black - to make the bee
Korres Abyssinia Oil Mascara in Black

I hope you enjoyed this look! 


Geek Chic/My Pretty Zombie Geekily Ever After Swatches!

The Geekily Ever After Collection (adorable name) was a collaboration between My Pretty Zombie and Geek Chic Cosmetics. This collection was set so 100% of the profits go to the marriage of Chantel, the owner of Geek Chic. 

Price - Sample - $1.25
           Full Size - $4.99
           Full Collection - 15.97
           Shipping - varies with products starting at $2
                           Free Shipping on orders over $50

Shadow Amounts - Samples - about 1/4 tsp
                             Full Size - 1g

TAT - 2.5 weeks

Extras - 1 sample

Swatches are dry without primer!

Drunken Toast - is a sweet yellow with gold sparklies. 
Cold Feet - is a bright satin blue with a slight purple hue. 

Prenup - A semi-sheer light pink with blue and purple shifts. 
Bridezilla - is a satin white with gold and silver sparklies. 

I really love Prenup bit the other colors were kind of a miss for me. The formula though is still fantastic but the colors weren't for me. 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Darling Girl Re-review Part 1!

Darling Girl is a really awesome company that has so many different products that are all so amazing its hard not to want their stuff! I especially love the taupes. Taupes are a color I never really liked until just a few months ago. Recently Susan, the owner, was asking around what our dream lip colors were and when I told her my thoughts, she created mine! I was ecstatic and bought one for myself and one for my Giveaway!

Pricing - Samples - 10 for $8
             Petit Jar - $2.25
             Fill Size - $5.50
             Color Shifting Liquid Kisses - $3.50
             Holo-Glosses - $4.75
             Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm (discontinuing) - $4.75
             Kiss You Off Lip Balm (discontinuing) - $4.75
             Liquid Kiss Luxe - $4.75
             Liquid Kisses - $4.75
             Lucious Lip Balm - $3.50
             Blogger/Youtube Sampler - $0.75
             Bye Bye Dry - $6.50
             Dry Oil Spray - $3.99
             Skin Quencher - $5.75
             Lotion Bar Mini - $3.75
             Lotion Bar Full Size (discontinuing) - $8.75
             SALVation Body Balm Mini - $3.85
             SALVation Body Balm Full Size (discontinuing) - $8.25
             Sweet Lips on the Go! - $5.50
             Sweet Lips Sugar Scrub - $4.75
             Superstar Serum - $6.25
             Pixie Sprinkles - $3.00
             Pixie Sprinkles Deluxe - $3.50
             Watercolor Paint Pots - $4.75
             Correcting Concealer Sample - $1
             Correcting Concealer Full Size - $5.75
             Pretty Pampered Primer Powder Sample - $2.50
             Pretty Pampered Primer Powder Full Size - $9.50
             Shipping - $2-$3.50

Shadow Amounts- Samples - 1/8 tsp
                            Petit - 1/4 tsp
                            Full Size - 3/4 tsp  

TAT - 2.5 weeks

Extra - 2 samples
           Gift with Purchase when you order $10+ (before shipping)

These swatches are dry without primer!

Man Candy Blush - is a extremely bright pink blush that blends out really nicely. This is a perfect summer/spring blush for me. 

Dragon's Blood - is an absolutely gorgeous forest green color with gold and green sparklies. It has a slight gold shift! This was my GWP with my first order. 
Dark Crystal - is a dark plum/grey with pink and silver sparklies. I adore this color. 

Lucy in the Sky - is a greyed out blue with a gold shift and some silver and pink sparklies. I love this color.
Verdant Dreams - is a light teal with a ton of light blue sparklies and a slight purple shift. Another amazing color. 

Garden of Weedin' - is a dark green with a gold shift and purple sparklies. A must have in my book. 

Cupid - is from the Darling Deer Collection. It is a semi-sheer purple with pink and purple sparklies. Very pretty. 

Angel Face - is a purple with blue sparklies and a light blue shift. It is awesome. 

Taupe a la Mode - is a taupe with a gold shift and multi-colored sparklies. This was the GWP I got with my second order. 
Cheap Trick - was the custom made lippie for me! It is a lilac with a extremely noticeable light blue shift. The gloss is so smooth and wonderful. Also, after the gloss wears away, it leaves a light pink color with a still noticeable blue shift. 

Darling Girl Cosmetics is an ever growing company that is always adding new products and always motivated to improve. Bit I don't see anything to improve here =]. Susan also has a really awesome collection coming out called Darling Grrl based off of amazing bands. I am extremely excited for this collection and will be purchasing some for sure. 



Monday, January 9, 2012

Persephone Minerals Swatches!

During the craze of the holidays I decided I needed some Persephone Minerals. Who doesn't? Victoria makes gorgeous duo-chromes so I couldn't help but snag some more pretty things. To see all the pricings and everything check out my original review!

These were all swatched dry with no primer.

Fallen Angel - is another gorgeously gorgeous duo-chrome. This is a really light blue that shifts to a pinky orange. Heaven in an eye shadow. 

Winter Wonderland - is a really pretty ice blue with blue sparklies. It almost has a slight purple shift. 

Silent Night - is a beautiful dark blue shadow with light blue sparklies. 

Chione - is a new absolutely gorgeous product. These can be used not only on the eyes, but on your face! Chione is a white with an intense blue/purple shift with some pink and purple sparklies.

Ceres - is a white with an amazing green shift and some green sparklies.

OMG. I love these so much! These are just so gorgeous. Victoria has outdone herself here. Truly. There are also some Persephone Minerals samples in my giveaway! =]


Simply Kendra Review!

Simply Kendra is a rather adorable makeup company. They have very gorgeous glittery shadows and when I ran across their site I couldn't help but want some. The company also sells lip balm, lip glosses and blushes.

Pricing - Samples - $1
             3g jars - $3
             5g jars - $5
             Glitter Sample - $1.25
             Glitter Full Size - $3.50
             Glitter Affixer - $5
             Lip Balm - $3.25
             Lip Gloss - $3.99
             Lip Pouter - $4.99
             Blush Sample - $3.50
             Blush Full Size - $7
             Shipping - Orders from $1-$10 - $2
                             $10.01-$39.99 - $3.99
                             $40+ - Free

TAT - 1 week

Shadow Amounts - Sample - 1/8 tsp
                             3g jars - 1/4 tsp
                             5g jars - 1/2 tsp

Extras - 1 sample

These were swatched dry with no primer.

Naughty Librarian - is a satin purple shadow with red and purple glitter. 
Poison Candy-Apple - is a nice bright mint color with lime, red, and some purple sparklies.

Holly Molly - is a satin red shadow with some silver sparklies.
Green Fairy - is a white toned olive shadow with silver shimmer.

Hex - is a semi-matte blueberry shadow with tons of shimmer.

Sea Foam - is an olive shadow with some shimmer.
Giggles McGee - is a sheer light green shadow with some shimmer. 

Starry Night - is a navy shadow with blue sparklies. It applied patchy on bare skin.
Tattooed Woman - is a bright pinky purple shadow with a slight blue shift.

Angel Baby - is a light blue shadow with blue and silver sparklies.
Glitterbot - is a bright blurple with lots of sparklies.

Silly Goose - is a light teal shadow. It was hard to apply on bare skin. 

Simply Kendra is a very sweet company who has lots of colors and some very nice pricing. I love the feeling of their shadows and they are rather pigmented for no primer. Her site is very easy to navigate and very easy to read.  Also Simply Kendra has been included in my Giveaway