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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look how've they've grown!!!

About a month ago my grandparents adopted two new kittens. They are named Misty and Sunny. This is part 2 of the growth of the kittens. Sunny is now twice the size of Misty. 



Misty and Sunny!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

New Dark Heart Design!!!

A few weeks ago I received my order from Dark Heart Designs. In my order were some samples of two of her new colors! I received samples of Howl and Moshi Moshi. These are brand new colors not even in her shop yet!!! So here is a cute little sneak preview of her new shadows! Remember these swatches are without primer to show their true pigment color. 

Moshi Moshi is a really pretty corally orange color that is very soft. This had a nice gold sheen to it. This has a pastel feel to it. 

Howl is a really pastel yellow that is beautiful. It is like a light buttercup feel. 

Overall i love the new colors and I purchase from DHD every chance I can. =]

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Also, whats to come!
Im going to compare DHD shadows to TKB shadows through posts and video! 
I will also show off my clean nude look for summer. 
More kitten pictures!!!

Love, T

Sunday, March 20, 2011

End-of-Hiatus Giveaway!!!

UPDATE!!!: THIS GIVEAWAY IS FOR U.S.A ONLY. It has come to my attention that nail polish has trouble going through U.S. Customs and usually doesn't go through. So, I am sorry to all the international folks but i promise my next giveaway will not include nail polish so i can do an international one.

I'm finally back! The school play went wonderfully. I will post some pictures or videos when i get the chance. I would show you my makeup look  but the look I had planned I wasn't allowed to use so i only wore mascara and foundation. I also have to do some NOTD's and one of my lovely indie makeup companies has been accused of repackaging so I will compare her shadows to TKBs this week. I also just purchased my tickets to the IMATs in NYC for Sunday (my dad's bday is Saturday so i can't go then) I am very excited! Also I will be gone for spring break to Ohio but i will try to take pictures of my looks (cuz i love going crazy out there) and post em when I'm home.


I will be giving away 2 sets of prizes to 2 lucky people!!!

Prize 1:

You will receive:

3 Zoya Nail polishes in Loredana (grey metallic matte), Kelly (purple grey cream) and Adina (green/purple Duo-chrome)
1 Eyeko Lilac Polish

Prize 2:

You will reveive:

2 Zoya Nail Polishes in Loredana (grey metallic matte) and Kelly (purple grey cream)
1 Ulta Automatic Eyeliner in Indigo

Everything is brand new and purchased with my own money! Also I might add a few more surprises for the winners.

Edit! I have added some of my favorite products!

Heres how to enter:

1. Please subscribe to my blog through GFC and write your GFC name in the comments

2. Tell me something you would like me to add into the giveaway (I might just throw it in for the winner if I like the idea)

3. Write "Enter me" or some form of it in the comment

4. Include your email so I can email the winners!!!

For extra entries:

1. Tweet about the giveaway and write the URL in the comment or just include @zombielovrr (+1)

2. Follow me on twitter. (+1)

3. For new readers and old, read my blog and tell me your favorite eyeshadow that I have. (+1)


the winners will be chosen on random.org on Wednesday April 13 and be announced soon after. 

Please leave only one comment! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As you probably have noticed, I haven't really been posting too much lately. I know I shouldn't be making excuses but I have been so busy with the school play that I would come home so tired and just fall asleep (which is what I'm about to do at only 8:30 pm EST). So until the play is over which will be on March 20 I will be on a hiatus. I know this seems like awhile but i feel like this break will just give my one less thing to worry about. I am now going to the University of Pittsburgh (yay!) So I am in the process of finalizing that. So i promise I will be back with lots of lovely things for you. So please don't lose hope in me! I promise I will be back with a giveaway =]