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Friday, December 31, 2010


With only a few hours left i just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! What are your New Year's Resolutions?
1. Get into college.
2. get healthy?
3. Keep my friends! lol
So i hope everyone has an amazing new year and i'll be back tomorro to give you the rest of the review i promised!


Face Candy Couture Tiny Review!!

So i received some free samples from Face Candy Couture. They came in adorable little baggies but since they were FREE, I was happy anyway. These were totally random samples, but i actually found the colors to be very lovely even though some of the colors i received I
wouldn't usually wear. I'll find stuff to wear these with though! I got Pinecone, Damask Grey, Chill, Pretty, and Cinnamon

Pinecone was a very nice brown shade that would be perfect for a natural smokey eye. Since I've never actually tried a smokey eye, maybe I'll try one.
Damask Gray was a beautiful shade of grey. With alot of sparkles. This is my favorite shade that would look pretty with a navy blue.
Chill is on the border of a black and a navy blue. It has alot of pretty multicolored sparkles.
Pretty is a pretty pink shade with a gold shine to it. I like using this as a base shadow to add other colors on top of it. 
Cinnamon is a pretty bronze shade. It has a nice shine to it. It reminds me of a metallic nail polish. 

Overall I am pretty satisfied with Face Candy Couture. Since I only got a few shades I don't want to make definite decision. I'll have to experiment more with their shadows before i make my decision =]. But as of right now, I am pretty neutral. 

P.S. I cant wait for my MAC order to come in!!! And i finally have brushes! and there are more reviews to come!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Upcoming Reviews and more!

I've been a busy person with WoW lately and I will be reviewing tons of stuff by saturday! I promise. I have some Evil Shades Lippies to review, Darling Girl Cosmetics samples to review, Face Candy Couture samples to review, and Amoraleigh swatches (hard to review a place that closed =/). So i will get these all in by Saturday! Also Dark Heart Designs is giving my lovely blog buddys and anyone else who reads my blog 15% off their entire purchase with the code MineralJunkie. So dont waste this opportunity! i know I'm not! I suggest you order the 35+ sample pack! its only $12 but using the code, makes it $10.50 including shipping. By Saturday I PROMISE!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I hope everyone is enjoying their gifts from their special holidays! i have a holiday gift for you thanks to Tina from Dark Heart Designs! When you go to her website on Etsy, when you purchase a product you can use the code MineralJunkie and get 15% off your purchase!!! I suggest you buy Starstruck, Carnival Queen, or Coral Fang! Thanks Tina!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hey lovelys! I just wanted to wish you all a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! I'm gonna take a little break for a few days til i can get my camera working again cuz i have 2 new sample sets to review! Also i'll drop maybe about 14 years of age tomorro morning. so I wont be in teh mind set to blog. I really wish everyone's families and friends to have a wonderful holiday. I want to send a special shout out to my best lovelys: Tina from Dark Heart Designs, Nicole, Briski, Broche, Tucker, and all my other lovely friends and followers who keep me going. You all mean the world to me and I wouldn't be smiling without you. <3. I think i hear bells outside my window so I'm gonna watch Chicago til i fall asleep.   =]. Be merry!

With all the love there is,

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Nail Polish Fun!

So about 2 hours before the chorus concert last friday i decided to use my favorite nail polishes to make a fun sparklie look! I used Essence Color and Go in Movie Star (the gray), Sally Hansen Laquer Shine in Lustrous (the black) and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink (sparkles) I love putting different colors underneath the sparkles. Even tho it isnt noticed as much but it can make a difference about how bright the sparkles are. The sparkles look the brightest when black or white in under them. 

without flash


P.S. i found this lip gloss that i am dying for! I'm so upset im not in the UK because im dying for Sleek Pout Polish! It looks so lovely and bright and i love bright lips! Ill ususally wear like a dark sparkle shadow with a fushia lip. Or i wear really dark reds or even purples. Why? cuz im crazy and pale and love dark colors. lol

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas list and other random stuff!

To start, my Amoraleigh shadows todaii!!! I only ordered 3 of them. Well, I am a jobless 18 year old. So I only have a small amount of income. Which is my birthday money and soon to be Christmas money. lol but they came and they are lovely. I will swatch them soon! Also i thought i would put up an adorable little list of things i really hope to receive on Christmas!

1. MAC Gift Card- to get actual makeup brushes
2. WoW Cataclysm (and all the other WoW games) I finally wanted to start playing WoW so i asked for the games for Christmas
3. Nook Color eReader- I've wanted this for a really long time!
4. Back to the Future Trilogy on Blu-Ray- this is my favorite movie trilogy of all time!
5. Money!!


Hey got stuff you wanna share? go ahead and comment away!

Dark Heart Design Review Part 3!!

So here is the final part to the Dark Heart Designs 35+ Sample Shadows review!
Now some of these shadows are unreleased. I'll let you know which ones!

Veronica is a purple grey color with a lovely grey sparkle. Its alot more pigmented then i thought it would be. I loves it!
Transparent lives up to its name. Its basically sparkles. But this can make or break a look if u want to add some pretty glitter on ur cheeks or something like that.
Killing Moon is a light blue/silver combination. it is definitely super shiney.
Pink Nights is a pretty pink color thats not too electric so if you want a more natural or muted shadow this is what you go for. But its not that muted. It still has some nice color to it.
Carnival Queen is a bright yellow color with a hint of gold to it. This will definitely make a pretty accent shadow over a navy color.

Now these are the 4 UNRELEASED shadow samples i got.
Pumpkin King is a really pretty gold color with a little bit of an orange feeling to it. It looks really pretty on my skin and would look really nice with a neural look.
Dirty Diana was a total surprise. In the bag it was a really muted purple color then when i put it on my arm. it transformed into this bright gorgeous purple color that i am in looovvvee with. 
Cotton Candy is a bright bubbly pink color that is very light and sparklie.
Come Undone is a really nice forest green color that reminds me of pine trees (since there are billions here) 

My favorites of this set are Veronica, Dirty Diana, and Come Undone. I just wish Dirty Diana and Come Undone were able to be sold. I would buy them in seconds!

Overall I am totally in love with Dark Heart Designs. When i purchased these shadows (which i got for a total of $9.00 [with a discount] instead of the normal $12.00) i had a chance to talk to the amazing Tina, the owner of Dark Heart Designs. She was the one who convinced me to create this blog. When i received my package it came with a pamphlet with all the ingredients, descriptions of all her shadows (except for the unreleased ones) and prices of full jars, a chance to receive free samples, and a billion ways to contact her. There are only 2 non-vegan shadows which are Vampire Heart and Toxic. I'm not sure about the unreleased ones though. But i am extremely impressed with Dark Heart Designs. When i get some money I am definitely going to buy Rave, Coral Fang, Charmed, Starstruck, and Dirty Diana (if i can). I highly highly suggest u try Dark Heart Cosmetics. You really wont regret it!!!!

P.S. Christmas is less than a week away! I can't wait!!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dark Heart Design Review Part 2!!

So here is part 2 of my review!! so far i love everything but there is still more to go.
So here is part 2!

Paperazzi is a sparklie white with multicolored sparkles that would be a perfect hi-lighter or to make a snowy day look with a pastel blue.(which is coming up)
Fool's Gold is a bronze color with cold sparkles that went on nice and easy. It is a very pretty almost neutral color that would look nice paired with a tan shadow or a champagne shadow. 
Limelight is a really pretty yellow/green color that is very bright and out there. It will prolly look amazing when added with primer and a darker green or even a blue color. 
In the Dark is a matte shadow that went on so nicely. I love everything matte so this will be nice to wear. 
Crash Love is a gold/yellow color that went on very smooth too. This would look pretty with a navy or a bright blue.
Beautiful Nightmare is a light purple/pink color that i feel compliments my skin tone. Its almost like a pink neutral with a little more of a kick to it. 
Frost is a very light white almost clear with tons of sparkles. This would look like a fantastic hi-lighter or just to add sparkles to things. 

Nymph is a very bright green with some sparkles in it. This would look nice paired with a dark blue or a black (i think everything should be with blue lol)
Starstruck is my favorite of this review. It is a lovely pastel like blue with alot of sparkles. This is going on my definitely order when i get money list. 
Silver Bullet is definitely a silver color. It has multicolored sparkles which make this super pretty.
Catalyst is a purple color like grape lollipop almost. It has some pretty green sparkles in it which i love. 
Toxic is an electric pink that pops. According to Dark Heart is is not a vegan shadow. 

Halestorm is a green/blue color with tons of sparkles. I really like this one.
Purple Haze is a very smokey purple color. This one was a little hard to apply but thats okay. 
Shudder is a dark gray that was also kinda hard to apply. This had some very nice silver sparkles. 

So here are my favorites for this set Catalyst, Starstruck, In the Dark and Beautiful Nightmare.

The final part of Dark Heart Design's Review will conclude tomorrow so Stay Tuned!

P.S. im crocheting like crazy lol

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dark Heart Design Review Part 1!!

I was like a little girl during Christmas when my package from Dark Heart Designs came in with my 35+ samples. So i am doing the review in 3 parts because there is so many! So here is the first part of my Dark Heart Design Review. 

Ultraviolet is a pretty violet color that is almost electric. It is absolutely gorgeous. 
Siren's Song is a pretty light teal color that was slightly muted. but you have to remember i dont use primer when i do my swatches. I only use primer when i put them on my eyes. 
Moonchild is a nice silver color that has alot of shine it. Another go-to shadow =]
Dirty is a darker silver that is almost a gray.  It is a glitter-matte shadow. Another go-to shadow =]=]
Rave is an electric blue shadow. Which i am absolutely in love with. looooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee. =]

Absinthe is somewhat cut off but it is a lovely green color which is a little dark. 
Wine Red is more of a pinkie color that looks nice on my awkward skin tone.
Coral Fang is a pretty peach color that i would love to be a lipstick right now. Idk i've had this sudden obsession for wanting grey nail polish and wanted coral/orange lipstick. If you have any ideas where to get any of this let me know!!!
Charmed is a bright purple color that makes me really smile. Since purple is my favorite color i love bright purple everything. lol.
Clean Slate is def another go-to color. this is more of a matte then the other shades i've seen. I love it. 

Vampire Heart is a electric pinkie red color which made my eyes open a ton. This was so bright after such a small amount of shadow used a almost screamed in excitement. 
Surrender is a really nice purple color with purple sparklies in it. Its like a grape color. which i looovvve!
Tequila Sunrise is absoluely amazing! its a pure bright orangey yellow that sparkles gorgeously. 
Twisted Metal is a blueish gray with purple and blue sparkles that made me smile a lot. Go-to for sure. 

My favorites for this set are Rave, Coral Fang, Charmed, Vampire Heart, Tequila Sunrise and Surrender. So far i love them all =]. 
Part 2 will be coming up soon! so stay tuned

P.S. I've gotten alot better at crocheting =] and I'm writing a 15 page letter to my best friend for christmas telling him how much he means to me. he better like it. =] i love him more then anything in the world. Now to keep crocheting. And watching America Ninja Warrior.
P.P.S. i have been lead on to believe that I will be getting World of Warcraft for christmas. i have been wanting to try that game for years now. =] i hope i get it. woohoo!!!

Chorus Concert Look!

So, Friday was my chorus concert and i wanted to look somewhat natural but have some shine =]. So this is what happened after about 20 minutes of playing around. 
Things I used
Primer: UDPP in Sin (im going to buy the other colors probably too)
Shadows: Candy's Sweet Treats Candyfloss and Sushi Ginger
Liner: Essence Crystal Glitter Liner in Dazzling Silver (made a cat eye with it. 
Mascara: Essence Hypno Gloss Mascara 
Highlighter: Ella Rose Minerals Marion Berry Shadow and Anastasia Brow Duality in Shell/Lace (used Lace as a under eyeliner and to take away my horrible under eye bags)
Lipgloss: Clinique Super Balm in Black Honey


Back from Hell Week!!! Band Concert/Brass in Black look!!!

Woooo I can finally breathe again. Well this look was from the band concert wednesday night so, i might not remember all the shadows I used. But i remember most of em. 
Things I used
Primer: UDPP in sin
Shadows: Shiro's Charmander and Gengar and Geek Chic's Frakkin' Toaster
Mascara: Essence Black Mania Mascara
Liner: Prestige Total Intensity in Strong Slate. 
Clip: Chubigorawr (i wear this like 3 times a week. I love it to death)
Lips: none cuz i have to play my trombone =]

P.S. the concert went well. also, darkheartdesigns review up soon!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grey Look!

 I had some extra time this morning so I made a pretty grey look. With Geek Chic Cosmetics Frakkin' Toaster and Shiro Cosmetics Ganandorf.
Things I used:
Primer: UDPP
Shadows: Geek Chic Cosmetics-Frakkin' Toaster and Shiro Cosmetics- Ganandorf
Mascara: Essence No Limits Waterproof mascara
Eyeliner: Prestige Total Intensity in Strong Slate
Finisher: Ella Rose Minerals Acne Healing Minerals in Fair
Lipgloss: Kat Von D Lightning Lipgloss in Strutter.

Band concert tonitteee!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shiro Cosmetics Review!

I finally got all my Shiro Cosmetics Samples and I am extremely pleased! First off, the names made me smile to no end. I love pokemon and Legend of Zelda =]. I still play pokemon blue in my spare time. Also the colors in the bags (with a very decent amount of product) were very vibrant and pretty. And even without primer underneath them, they were still pretty vibrant on my weird skin. From the Legends collection I ordered Veran, Majora's mask, Rupee, Zora, and Hearts. Then from the Super Effective collection ordered Gyarados, Magneton, Poliwrath, Charmander, and Gengar. I also got Midna and Ganandorf free from the Legends collection

Midna is a very pretty gray shade with some sparklies. I love gray shades since i mostly wear black to school gray always makes a nice quick go-to on those "i'm late to school mornings." This will def be my new go-to shade.
Hearts is a pretty pretty orange-red shade which actually looks nice with my crazy skin. It is very bright which i love.
Majora's Mask is a purple/blue color but its more purple than the picture shows it as. It definitely makes a good base color for some ideas i have in my head.
Rupee is a beautiful light/lime green shade that makes me happy. I've always wanted a lime green shadow for some reason.
Gyarados is my favorite so far. Remember i'm a total sucker for blue shadows. Gyarados is so bright that i was like "woah this is amazing!!!" right after i applied it.
Charmander is a lovely orange/yellow color which i am adoring atm. I have been savaging the internet looking for an orange lipstick to wear since my skin color is so weird it would prolly work on me (if anyone has any ideas where to get one let me know asap!!!!!)
Ganandorf was a little tricky to apply but it is a really dark purple/red color. Almost a plum. It has really pretty sparkles and This will def be my other go-to shadow. 
Magneton surprised me! In the bag it looks like Midna but it is a more sheer sparkle than a pigmented gray. I actually love this to death. This I might use as a highligher for a smokey eye or just to add some sparkle to a look. 
Zora is another gorgeous blue which made me smile. Zora has alot more sparkle than Gyarados. It is also i lighterish shade. 

Gengar is a black/purple shade with some dark sparkles. This picture makes it look like its a matte. but its a glitter-matte hehe =] 
Poliwrath is amazing! its a light navy? color that would look pretty wit Zora. 
Veran is a navy shadow with blue and purple sparkles. This one is really pretty. This one is my second favorite. 

I really love Shiro Cosmetics. My one problem would be that some of the shadows I had a tough time applying. But other than that they are gorgeous ( i love that word) But I will def order from her again as soon as i get my christmas money =] I am dying to get my hands on the Kawaiishadow set! I also cant wait to make tons of looks with these! Everyone should go check them out. Im serious.

P.S. I am a very busy girl this week so some posts might be delayed and i have one more review to do which i will do this weekend. This is hell week for me. I have 2 concerts (one is tomorro and the second one is friday) with after school rehersals to boot.  I also have a project and 2 papers due by thursday. So please dont lose hope if I dont post for a few days. I will try tho. I will still take photos of my daily looks and load em when i can. 
P.P.S. Oreos and coffee are tastey. Until i dropped half and oreo into the coffee...oopsie.

Portal look =]

I have an epic portal shirt that i got at Teefury awhile ago, and when i got the portal shadows from Geek Chic Cosmetics, i knew what i had to do. 
Make a portal look!!!
Things i used:
Primer: UDPP
Shadows: Geek Chic Cosmetics in Portal Orange and Portal Blue
Eyeliner: Essence Crystal Eyeliner in Dazzling Silver (just added some sparkles which u cant really see)
Mascara: Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara
Blush: Ella Rose Minerals Luminous Blush in Wild Rose
Finisher: Ella Rose Minerals Acne Healing Minerals in Fair.
Lipgloss: E.L.F. Plumping Lip Glaze in Los Angeles


Monday, December 13, 2010

Geek Chic Cosmetics Review!!!

Oh my goodness I think I'm in love (well i already am [with someone special to me] but now with another cosmetics company!). Geek Chic Cosmetics instantly caught my eye the moment I spotted them! The name of the colors and how nerdy I am forced me to sample some of them. I ordered Stay Indoors, Frakkin' Toaster, Portal Blue, and Portal Orange and got Chosen One for free! Right off the bat i see the bright colors like the bags in really large portions! And the shadows go on so perfectly i barely used any to cover my whole eye.

 Chosen One is this super pretty green that i love so much! It matches this one shirt i own perfectly!
Stay Indoors surprised me. Even tho it looks like its black, when paired with a blue eyeshadow (like i did todaii) it added a gorgeous sparkle and almost a darker tint of blue rather than going on as a straight black. This one is definitely my favorite one.
Frakkin' Toaster makes me lol. because of the Battlestar Galactica joke =]. But its like a blueish gray that is rather beautiful.
When i saw these I had to order them. I am a HUGE Portal fan. I still miss my companion cube. But these are absolutely amazing! I will most likely wear one color on each eye and be weird like that. I know no one will understand but thats okay. 

Overall i am IN LOVE with Geek Chic Cosmetics. When i get more money (one week from now) I am definitely going to buy a ton more. Definitely buy from Geek Chic Cosmetics even if you aren't a nerd. You will still fall in love with the colors just like i did.