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Monday, July 9, 2012

My Pretty Zombie Easter Collection!

Hey! So I am being a lump and watching Jerry Springer cause it's on TV and I don't feel like moving. I also have a giant headache so this won't be very long. So today I have some swatches from My Pretty Zombie's LE Easter Collection. This collection is really diverse and is only around once a year. Some of the colors were amazing and some I am a little iffy on. But they are all gorgeous none-the-less.

~all these swatches were done without primer and in the bright bright sun~

I do love the square jars =].

Deviled Egg is a satiny yellow. It is rather plain to me. 

Ham is a bright red with a gold shift. This is so pretty!

Rabbits Foot is a semi-matte lilac with some pink glitter. This one is my favorite!

Dye! Dye! is a metallic sky blue with some silver qualities. 

Basket Case is a shimmery green that has some blue qualities in it. 

Peepshow is an interesting color. It is a shimmery white with blue glitter. The glitter didn't really show up here though, sadly. 

Scurvy is a bright orange with a gold shift. This color is really awesome. 

So here we are. This collection (minus Scurvy) show up once a year around Easter. This headache doesn't seem like its going away anytime soon. Time to take some medication. 


Monday, July 2, 2012

Chinovi Swatches!

Herro! It is the morning time here. The boyfriend is home but has errands to do til this afternoon, so I thought...hey what the hell, I'll blog! So today I have some awesome Chinovi Cosmetics swatches. I personally love this company (but I love many companies, how can I not XD They make shiny things.). Some of these colors are from the Grand Opening Collection. Also, I am loving the Hobbit.

~These were swatched with no primer and taken in direct sunlight. These might look different from my normal swatches cause I took swatched these with my opposite hand.~

I still love these labels.

Alien is hard to take pictures of! It is a light gold with a strong green shift. I tried to get the shift but it wouldn't take =/.

Launch is a really pastel pink with a slight orange shift and blue sparklies. This color is gorgeous!

80's Prom is a gorgeous silvery-blue color. I have been loving these colors lately.

Commence is a dark taupe-y color with tons of sparklies!

Yellow Bird is a satin-y bright yellow.

I am really in love with these colors. Some of them have made their way into my daily routine. Now I have to go get the mail, and prepare to see the boyfriend XD. Tata for now. =]